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Blue Hallway Inspiration

Blue hallways are a brilliant design choice in classic and modern spaces. Evoking a sense of calm and style, this colour will make a big impact when you walk into your home. With a connection to nature and the outdoors, the blue colour palette boasts a range of beautiful hues, from elegant navy to timeless teal. Browse our blue hallway decorating ideas, tips and advice below to learn how to incorporate this shade.

Set the scene in your hallway with the perfect blue

Make an impact with a blue hallway

Create a perfect first impression with a blue hallway. Add an edge of grown-up glamour with a dark navy blue hallway, or opt for a cheery and uplifting style with a pale blue hallway. The hallway is an ideal place to experiment with colour, and blue hues complement a variety of palettes. Mixing coral pink with teal creates a bold look, or pair jewel tones, like sapphire, with fuchsia and emerald green.

For a calming feel, duck egg blue offsets the busyness of a home, while broody dark shades contrast with pale wood. Discover a range of handy tips below to get started.

Blue Hallway Inspiration

Whether you’re looking for light blue hallway ideas or envision a dark blue hallway for your home, explore our articles below for plenty of inspiration.

Blue shades for your hallway

Blue hallway paint can range from impactful navy shades to light pastel colours. Think about the look you want to create - whether you’d prefer your hallway to feel bright and airy or bold and dramatic.

With blue paint, the choices are endless, from splashing one shade across all the walls to layering different hues to add more depth. One thing’s certain - this colour works well in any space. And with the Dulux paint range, there’s a blue to suit every hallway, from Ocean Ripple to Nordic Sky.

Episode 3 - Greige colour palette

Let’s Colour Podcast 005: The Blue Colour Palette

Discover the best ways to use a blue colour palette in your home with our Let’s Colour painting podcast. In this episode, we’ll talk you through some of the best colours to pair with blue and explore why this shade is so popular in the interior design world. Plus, listen out for expert insight from Dr Katy Munro, who highlights some of the colours that can contribute to migraines. 

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