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How to Use Navy and Dark Teal Paint

Head to the dark side with our dark colour palette ideas. From dramatic dark teal paint to romantic dark blue walls, learn how to use dark hues in your home.


Invite elegance and intrigue to your design with a dark colour palette.

There’s a darker future ahead for home decorating. Sophisticated, timeless and romantic, dark hues offer a moody ambience that enhances creativity, promotes relaxation and pushes the boundaries of contemporary design. To take the plunge towards colours that evoke the depths of a pristine lake, look to dark teal and navy to create your dark colour palette.


Decorating with a dark colour palette


Combining the eternally relaxing qualities of deep blue with the revitalising energy of rich green, teal offers the best of both worlds. Green-based hues are full of depth, they have the power to add instant elegance and encourage a feeling similar to a breath of fresh air. While navy is often associated with nautical themes, it has a classic, chic appeal that takes it far beyond the realm of sailors. From deep green to dark navy paint, here’s how to coat your rooms in rich, saturated colour.


Atmospheric living rooms


As the hub of the home, your living room deserves to be dressed in colours that create a mood to suit your lifestyle. Choose dark teal paint, like Blue Diamond 1 or Teal Lux for a feature wall to highlight a decorative display or desk. Light wooden furniture and natural materials for ornaments balance the look with texture and a hint of the outdoors.

To make a huge impact that’s also warm and inviting, slather your living room in dark navy paint. Choose

Indigo Shade or Sapphire Salute for the walls and offset the richness with a fresh, white ceiling. Add black furniture for sophistication, splashes of grey for accents and pops of gold or silver for glamour. For added warmth, introduce floor rugs and cushions in warm neutral tones.


Creative kitchens


Who said kitchens have to be white or coated in neutrals alone? Get creative in yours to spice up your time spent cooking, socialising and going about your daily routines. If you’re lucky enough to have interesting features such as angled walls or prominent window recesses, use deep teal or dark blue walls to put them in the spotlight.

Mix it up with accents in black or dark grey for a sense of drama that’ll inspire you towards cooking dishes worthy of a master chef! To bring the light in, pair the look with a bright white ceiling. You can tie this in with white dining furniture, worktops or splashbacks. Take a chic, modern design even further by scattering a few mustard yellow or orange objects about.

Decadent dining rooms


If there’s one room in the house that’s simply made for a moody, intriguing dark colour scheme, it’s the dining room. Imagine how much excitement dark green walls or dashing navy touches could add to your dinner parties? Whether your space is large or small, these colours work their magic to produce depth, drama and understated luxury.

To enhance beautiful windows, paint a feature wall in rich Heathland. If you like, let the colour do all the talking and pair it with natural wooden furniture, especially if you’ve got wooden floorboards. While this look evokes simple elegance, you can glamourise dark teal paint with metallic silver or gold candelabras or chandeliers. For smaller rooms, hang a mirror with a metallic frame to complement the colour while increasing a sense of space.


Bold bedrooms


Do you want to evoke romance, relaxation, mystery, sophistication or glamour in the bedroom? No matter which mood suits you, a dark colour palette makes it possible. Of all the colours, green and blue are the experts at imbuing space with calming qualities that help you sleep. However, the deeper shades bring that extra bit of personality to really show off your style in the boudoir.

For example, sink into soothing bliss with a coat of Minted Glory 3 on a feature wall. This creates the perfect focal point for display shelves, a fabulous painting or a space-enhancing mirror. If you don’t want to go all the way to the dark side, paint the remaining walls white and blend this with white bedding and furniture. Dark green walls are great for unisex kids’ bedrooms too, with just the right amount of playfulness and stimulation to offset the soothing appeal.


Décor for the dark side


In terms of other colours, both teal and navy have partners in crime that ensure they stand out from the crowd. When you decide to go all out with a dark colour palette on the walls, it’s easy to break up the intensity with furniture and accessories in shades that either tone down or ramp up the dark side of your design.

For example, the natural combination of navy and white brings the seaside in with a fresh feel. However, add pops of deep mustard with a sofa, an occasional chair or bedding and the warmth comes flooding in. Turn dark teal paint into a feminine delight with accents of dusty pink for soft furnishings. Wood and teal really love each other, so consider dark brown or walnut timber furniture. With either shade, you can’t go wrong with metallic highlights. 

Don’t want to swim in the deep end yet? Just dip your toes into rich teal or dark blue walls by painting the smallest room in your house, to see what the dark side can do for you.

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