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Quick and Easy Living Room Makeovers That Won’t Break the Bank

If you’re growing tired of looking at your living room, but don’t want to break the bank sprucing it up, a budget-friendly and quick living room makeover could solve your interior woes.

From livening it up with a lick of paint and statement pieces, to enhancing your space with a few savvy lighting tweaks, here are some simple ways for you to give your living room a brand-new look.


Focal Finesse

A stylish and surprisingly easy way to transform a room, without being a DIY expert, is by creating a focal point. 

Revamp your fireplace

Fireplaces are incredibly versatile features that can give your room a whole new feel with a bit of love. Make it the focal point by adding a vibrant and contrasting pop of colour in a fun hue such as Teal Tension on the wall behind your fireplace. 


Alternatively, try to integrate tiling. Whether you opt for clashing geometric-print monochrome tiles, or merely a patterned border surrounding the fireplace, tile sets are often super-reasonable and make an instant difference.

Create a feature wall

A feature wall is a thrifty but impactful technique to achieve an entirely new look. To add a contemporary touch to your living room, try contrasting blocked stripes in mellow shades like Tranquil Dawn and White Cotton. Not only is this tweak quick and easy, but it’s also an excellent way to use up paint that’s left over from other projects.

If your living room furnishings are more traditional or rustic, you can make a bold statement with an entire feature wall in warmer tones like Monarch or Brick Red without splurging your cash. 

Select statement artwork

For a completely fuss-free way to give your living room a makeover, adorn your lonely-looking living room walls with some statement artwork.

From classic pieces featuring an array of hues or abstract prints with bold lines to textured canvases with striking colours and mixed elements, don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone.

Bring the outside in 

Draw inspiration from nature by incorporating the great outdoors into your living room with features like plants and flowers.


Plants are more popular than ever and if you haven’t already hopped on the trend, now’s the time. If you’ve got pastel-hued walls, look for varieties that feature bright contrasting leaves that draw in the eye.

For more neutral living rooms, fill your room with a selection of plants in rich emerald tones with sprawling leaves. Don’t be afraid to throw in a foliage-inspired print to really make a statement. 


Flowers are a fun way to achieve a quick and easy living room makeover and not only are they always interchangeable, but they can also add a chic seasonal element to your home.

If you’re short on surfaces, using quirky pots or bottles as vases for small blooms will make a big difference with minimal effort or money spent.

For larger areas, don’t be afraid to go all-out with bouquets. For a contemporary touch try mixing varieties of the same flower, which can add pops of colour to an otherwise-bare spot.

Light and neutral tones

A quick way to make your lounge feel more spacious, without a pricey renovation, is by clearing blockages to let in more light. Moving furniture or other obstacles away from crucial windows will make a huge difference.

Repainting your walls in a light and bright colour such as Pure Brilliant White or a neutral shade like Natural Calico can also instantly make a room feel more spacious and more open. 


The right accessories can make the world of difference to a living room.

Make a storage feature and get painting

A savvy and cheap way to maximise the space you have in your lounge is by adding storage elements that can also double-up as design features. Floating shelves are a failsafe way to do this and can also beautifully contrast the colour of your room. 

Upcycle old furniture

If you’re on a budget and are looking for small changes that make a big impact, why not upcycle your furniture with some leftover paint?

Choose a statement rug

A rug can totally change the feel of your room and there are plenty without hefty price tags. A block-coloured rug can make a stark difference to a contemporary space with earthy-toned furniture.

Alternatively, if you’re keeping to a strict monochromatic colour scheme, like this transformed room, have some fun with fabrics and textures.

Supe up your sofa

From jewel-toned pieces to upholstered prints that pack a punch, sofas can make a vast difference to your living room. If you’re not looking to splurge on a new one right now, simply look for contrasting cushions and throws in enticing prints and hues to give it a brand-new look.

Add character with armchairs

Stand-out armchairs are also an excellent way to express yourself or totally change the feel of a room. A once minimalistic room can become contemporary with the mere addition of a retro-inspired seat, or look for a plush velvet chair to add that luxury feel. 

Remember, your home is likely to already have plenty of potential so integrating tweaks with paint, art, small furnishings and even plants can make a huge difference when it comes to a quick and easy living room makeover. For more makeover inspiration, discover these room-brightening tricks.

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