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Repainting Furniture with Teal to Update Rooms

Let stylish teal accents cut through calming neutrals

The quickest way to give your furniture a new lease of life is by painting it. Upcycling and repainting furniture is one sure-fire way of making older items fit into new colour schemes, and certainly helps save on replacing pieces that still have life left in them.

For homes that are rich with neutral shades, we recommend bold colours for your upcycling for a pop of personality in every room. Teal furniture paint is one colour that ages very well, and the calming nature of greens and blues are often well-suited for any space.

Dulux teal hues are a beautiful combination of blue, green and a touch of grey, and are essentially a darker shade of turquoise. The blue-green shade radiates the peace and calm of nature’s finest assets: the sea and the sky, and because of that, it makes upcycled furniture a natural fit in any room.

Teal also stands out really nicely against bright whites and lighter neutrals, and also makes a modern statement when paired with navy and natural wooden elements too. For a pop of excitement, team teal with brighter, warmer hues like corals, oranges and gold – and accessorise with metallic elements for a luxe feel.

Discover your perfect shade of teal with Dulux.

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