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Shades of Green in Hallways

Blend tones of varying shades of green for understated elegance.


The hallway is the gateway to the rest of the home, and where first impressions are made.

Pairing intense shades is a guaranteed way to elevate your hallway into the most memorable space in the home. Make sure you blend harmonious shades by selecting colours that compete equally, and don’t outshine one another.

Green paint colours on any wall can make a space feel energised and serene at the same time, and shades of green paint can be used all through the home to compliment the green hallway.

Introduce botanical elements for a naturally beautiful entranceway or decorate with wood and earthy elements, to take the space back to nature to celebrate its roots. Green hallway paint is soothing, calming and reassuring, but can become a little oppressive if overdone.

All shades of green work well against a white ceiling and darker flooring, but experiment with your space. If you are using more that one shade and your space is tight, keep the lighter colours toward the ceiling. If you have a bigger room to work with, then a pop of bright colour overhead will certainly make a difference to the hallway.

Alternatively, highlight the aquatic elements in various shades of green through jewel-toned fabrics, décor, and furnishings in the hallway. Paler shades of green can add depth without overpowering the narrow space, while darker hues will add a timeless elegance to any room.

Find your perfect shade of green hallway paint.

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