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Hallway colour inspiration

Hallways are often overlooked when it comes to decorating. But as they’re usually the first area guests see, they set the tone for the rest of the home and should be paid attention to. If your hallway is looking tired and worn out, there are plenty of ways to bring it back to life with a fresh lick of paint. Here, we share our top colour schemes for hallways, from neutral and understated to bold and impactful.

Hallway wall colours

When decorating the hallway, selecting a colour palette that works with the rooms leading off it is important. This helps create a seamless look in your home. Ready to upgrade your space? Get inspired by these hallway paint ideas:

  • Grey hallway ideas. Grey is the perfect choice for a calming space. Timeless and elegant, light grey works well in all hallways, helping the area feel bright and airy. Alternatively, a dark grey hallway is ideal for a dramatic look, making the adjoining rooms feel more spacious.

  • Blue hallway ideas. Blue can make a real impact in a hallway, whether you choose light blue or darker shades. This colour's connection to nature encourages a relaxing, peaceful setting. For a traditional look, pair blue walls with white accessories and woodwork, or team different shades of blue together for a standout appearance.

  • Pink hallway ideas. Pink can help your hallway feel warm and welcoming. Pastel pinks and greens work well together to create a structured look, while a pink feature wall adds a striking point of interest. Our Simply Refresh Feature Wall paint is an excellent choice, designed to give you the perfect finish in one coat.

  • Yellow hallway ideas. Yellow is the ultimate mood-boosting colour – perfect for making small hallways feel bright, cheerful and inviting. Choose light yellow for maximum sunniness, and consider pairing it with pops of green or blue for a classic look.

  • Orange hallway ideas. Add a burst of energy to your hallway with an orange colour scheme. This shade looks great paired with white detailing for an eye-catching appearance. If you don’t fancy using orange all over, consider creating a feature wall and leaving the other walls white. 

Staircase colours

Staircases are the perfect place to get creative with colour. Whether you want something classic or contemporary, here are some of our favourite decorating ideas for stairs and hallways: 

  • Black staircase ideas. Black staircases make a statement when paired with stark white walls – a simple but effective look for your home. Choose matt paint for a polished finish or gloss paint for a tasteful sheen. Adding black and white accessories can enhance this impactful style.  

  • White staircase ideas. White paint is a brilliant option for a crisp, classic look. This colour is ideal for narrow staircases where you want to maximise brightness and make the area look as spacious as possible. If you don’t want to go all out with white, try light grey painted stairs instead. 

  • Light green staircase ideas. Similarly to white, light green paint can help open up small staircases that may feel cramped. Pair a green staircase with light, neutral walls to create a serene setting. 

  • Blue staircase ideas. Add a fun pop of colour to your hallway with a blue painted staircase. Try out a nautical theme using different shades of blue for the steps and white for the rest of the staircase. 


Want to make your staircase the focal point of your home? Explore our guide to designing a rainbow balustrade for a look you’ll love. 

Cloakroom toilet ideas

Do you have a cloakroom bathroom off your hallway? You could choose a different shade for this area to create contrast. If you typically prefer neutrals, your downstairs toilet is a great place to have fun with brighter colours or printed wallpaper. Small cloakroom toilets with little natural light may benefit from darker shades like charcoal, forest green or navy blue, creating a cosy feel.

Alternatively, you might prefer to use the same colour scheme as your hallway or stairs in your cloakroom. This can help the two areas flow seamlessly and keep this multifunctional space discreet, leaving the focus on your hallway and stairs.

The best paint for hallways

Hallways experience a lot of wear and tear, so they require tough paint that delivers a high-quality, long-lasting finish. Our interior and hallway paint ranges have all the products you need to decorate your home to the highest standard, with various finishes to suit your preference.

The Dulux Easycare range is specifically designed for high-traffic rooms. 20 times tougher than standard Dulux paint, Easycare products feature stain-repellent technology that helps keep your home looking spotless for longer. Once you’ve chosen your paint, discover our range of colours to find the perfect match.

Wondering what paint to use on stair bannisters? For wooden bannisters, explore our guide to interior wood paints to achieve the best results for your home. 

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