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Kids Bedrooms - How to create a superhero bedroom

If you create this superhero-themed bedroom for your kid, you’ll be a decorating hero.


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Superheroes are confident and brave, and kids grow up thinking they can be just like them. This stage is important in a child’s development, and the bright colours and sharp contours of this room are perfect for encouraging feelings of confidence and warmth.

Difficulty: 3 out of 5

Time: weekend

Step-by-step guide

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s your very own little superhero! Transforming their room into a metropolis ready for them to swoop in and save will help build the confidence and strength of character they’ll need as they grow up – and provide the ultimate space for epic play, of course.

Follow this easy step-by-step guide to transform their space into a striking city skyline:


1) Start by painting the walls in Striking Cyan.

2) Measure and mark the position of the skyline using coloured chalk, do this by drawing around different shaped empty cardboard boxes to create the building shapes.

3) Follow the outside of the chalked lines with masking tape and rub the edges down really well.


4) Apply a coat of background colour over the edge of the masking tape (inside the area you’ll be painting black) and allow to dry.

5) Use Rich Black and a small paint roller to fill in your skyline working from top to bottom. Wait for the black paint to dry and then remove the masking tape.

6) Next, it’s time to create the yellow windows. Cut a square or oblong shape out of a potato in whatever size you want the lit windows to be.

7) Brush the face of the potato square with yellow paint and dab it on to your buildings.


8) To create the signal light (and to be batman, you need a signal light) use a paint tin or anything round to create the shape for the end of the light beam in the sky. Chalk around the shape and draw two pieces of masking tape either side of the circle towards a point on one of the buildings.

9) Fill in the beam with Banana Split paint and paint the circle with Polished Pebble – you may need two coats.

10) Paint in the initial of your little hero with Rich Black paint. To infinity and beyond!


You will need:




  1. Bed linen, Ikea
  2. Red throw, Homebase
  3. Yellow & red bean bag, Elephant Bean Bags
  4. Red circle mat, Ikea
  5. Trainers, Primark
  6. Mask pillow case, Molly And Meg
  7. Green pillow case, Ikea
  8. Travel box, Ikea
  9. Superhero light box, Molly And Meg
  10. Hat, John Lewis
  11. Books, Stylist's own
  12. Toy cars, Stylist's own
  13. Green side table, Eero-Aarnio
  14. Headphones, Urban Ears
  15. Black & whote stripe cushion, Ikea


The Dulux Kids' Bedrooms Workbook


Ready to get started? Download the free kids' bedrooms workbook to help make their dream room a reality.

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