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Favourite colours for children’s bedrooms

Want to try a unique look in your kid’s bedroom using classic colours? See our new takes on these timeless tones


From superhero red to princess pink, there are definitely some popular colours that little ones tend to choose. Sometimes, the challenge for parents is selecting a shade that works at scale or finding the right balance to avoid a room that’s too loud. Read on to discover how you can make these colours work for your child… and for you!


Getting the best out of blue


You can’t go wrong with bright blue in a kid’s bedroom. Used on its own, the colour is bold and youthful. With complimentary shades like white and softer blues you can achieve a calm, seaside feel or matched with vibrant blocks of green or yellow you’ll get an energetic look. It’s a versatile choice that can be adapted to suit your little one’s personality.

Which paints?
Striking Cyan

Sometimes a bit of playtime creativity can end up on the walls, so make forgiveness easy with our washable and tough Easycare paint with innovative stain repellent technology.


Pairing with pink


From a pale pastel to vivid magenta, pink has always been a firm favourite in girls’ bedrooms. However, its popularity doesn’t mean there aren’t unique ways to use the colour. Complimented with stripes in soft shades like lavender or dove grey, it’s easy to give this classic colour a contemporary makeover.

Which paints?
Sweet Pink
Rose Trellis 5
Sugared Lilac
Violet White


Giving white a whirl


Bright, fresh and versatile – a white wall can act as the perfect backdrop to lively accent colours and accessories. It’s also the ideal canvas for creative children to express their ever-developing personalities and interests.

If you’ve already got a neutral wall to work on and are short on time or money, you can very quickly have some fun adding shapes or patterns to the wall.

Which paints?
Fine Cream


Sunny side up with yellow


Add a dash of sunshine to your child’s bedroom with a coat of brilliant yellow. Ideal for brightening up any space, this colour can be used on its own, or be combined with woody tones for a more tranquil effect. With just a few bursts of bright colour in furniture and accessories, putting your kid’s own personal spin on this feel-good shade is effortless.

Which paints?
Spring Breeze 3

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