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Colour Schemes for Hallways

With our hallway ideas you’re sure to make an entrance. From painted stairs to two-tone hallway painting ideas, find your colour schemes for hallways with Dulux.


How to give your entrance an inviting makeover with Dulux hallway colours.

Is your hallway little more than a place to dump your shoes, bags and keys at the end of the day? Hallways certainly serve a practical purpose, however, they can be so much more when it comes to interior design. As the first area you see when you walk in the door, colour schemes for hallways set the tone for the rest of the house. They also affect your mood and greet guests upon arrival. These are big roles to play, so your humble hallway deserves to be dressed in its very best!

Our top hallway colour ideas ensure your entrance makes a fabulous first impression, time and again.


Zen Zone


How would you like to feel when you step inside after a long day? For many of us, calm and peaceful are at the top of the list for hallway ideas that bring good vibes. Soothing greens, whites and greys offer an instant feeling of peace by washing your space in a refreshing atmosphere. When you add natural-looking, dark wooden furniture and stress-busting house plants, your hallway transforms from bland to a zen zone to welcome you home with serenity.

For a contemporary style, play around with paint stripes of different widths. Horizontal stripes are especially effective for awkward spaces, to draw the eye through and around tight corners. Choose a range of greens like Crushed AloeTuscan Glade 1 and Jurassic Stone. For balance, blend the colours with Goose Down and White Mist. To minimise clutter, invest in smart shelving or a console table to group objects together in one spot.


Blissful Blue


Another way to sink into pure peace is to slather your hallway walls in blue. Along with imbuing a sense of tranquillity, blue has a friendly quality to welcome guests and makes kicking your shoes off all the more satisfying. In terms of accessories, blue pairs beautifully with wicker baskets to keep all those odds and ends contained.

Consider painting a darker shade, like Blissful Blue on the lower half of the wall and a bright and airy Blueberry White on the upper half. Hallway décor ideas bring character and depth to the look, so paint your shelves in a different shade of blue and find stylish wall hooks for organisation. For a splash of colour and texture, nothing says ‘welcome’ like a statement rug.


Sunshine Shades

When you need to brighten up dark corners and harmonise colour schemes for hallways with staircases, look no further than vibrant yellow. Associated with cheeriness, optimism and creativity, you’ll feel a burst of enthusiasm that sets the scene for the rest of your home, combined with soothing warmth for a sense of cosiness.

Consider coating walls, doors and the ceiling in rich Golden Sands. To balance the colour, look to accents and trim. For example, add a vertical stripe of deep Heart Wood on the edge of a wall and a horizontal stripe to match on the lower wall panelling. Use bright white to enhance the fresh appeal on the staircase, a door or window frames.


Two-tone tricks

Two-tone hallway painting ideas make an impression that never fails to impress. Along with the exciting visual appeal, adding a lighter colour on the larger, top half of a wall heightens the look of your ceiling and enhances a sense of space. If this is your aim, you can’t go wrong with white or cream on the upper half to blend seamlessly with the ceiling.

For the second colour, take a chance to experiment with darker shades, your all-time favourite hue or a tone that also features throughout the home. Play it safe with a simple horizontal line across one feature wall or continue the two-tone look across doors, up the staircase and even over furniture like drawers and frames. Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine!


Showcase stairs


Is the staircase the focal point of your hallway? Don’t let a lack of space stop you from adding a bold twist to your entrance. Liven it up by painting a stripe or two of vivid colour all the way up the wall. Follow the yellow brick road with a zesty splash of Lemon Punch on a Jasmine White backdrop. Bring the sophistication of grey into the mix with Urban Obsession for trim or an adjoining door.

In terms of decorating ideas for stairs and hallways, a picture or photo gallery helps add personality and artistic flair to the space. Pick up the colour of your stripe within your artwork or frames. To keep your stuff off the floor, invest in smart storage solutions like hanging rails or colourful pegs.


As good as new

There’s no doubt that your hallway sees a lot of action in the home, so scuffs and stains on the walls are inevitable. Dulux Easycare Matt is the solution, with unique stain repellent technology to repel liquid spills and make them super easy to wash away. Therefore, no matter which hallway colour ideas you choose, they’ll stay looking as good as new for an entrance that always says, 'welcome' with style.

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