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Let your child put their own stamp on their bedroom fit for a teenager

Kids grow up fast, as married couple Finn and Justin know only too well.

They live with their two boys – 17-year-old Aidan and 12-year-old Xavier – in a Victorian Gothic property they bought four years ago just outside Guildford.


“There was so much work to do when we moved in,” Finn recalls, “but the biggest bedroom was in the best shape, so we left it until last. Xavier had never had his own space before, so we thought it only fair that he should have the room.”

It was the perfect time for Xavier to choose a look that suited his age and personality. “He’s very creative,” says Finn, “so he wanted something fun!”

We worked with the family to transform the bedroom into a space befitting their soon-to-be-teen, going cool dude on all four walls in Denim Drift; and adding a look-at-me stripe on two walls in Banana Split. We divided the stripe into two diagonal lines on the largest wall for added impact and painted the skirting with Dulux Quick Dry Satinwood in Natural Slate.


“I’m really thrilled with the results,” says Xavier, “and I’m already planning a big sleepover to show it off! I love the colour and the stripe, and the fact it’s not plain. It’s totally different to all of my friends’ bedrooms – which I love!”


The newly designed bedroom now caters to Xavier’s creativity with designated areas for different activities. A music corner has been created for practising the French horn and playing with the karaoke machine; while a study space is the perfect spot for drawing and homework. One stripe runs parallel with the desk, providing focus while highlighting collectibles on display. Finn beams:


“We love Xavier’s bedroom makeover so much that it’s finally inspired us to do something about his brother’s room...”


3 More Ideas to Try


1. Wonder Wall A bright colour like Banana Split can be used in beautiful but slightly less bold ways than the stripe in Xavier’s bedroom. Brighten up a dining room by painting the shade on to a single wall for a calm but cheery backdrop that doesn’t overpower. The colour speaks for itself, so leave the surface clean and uncluttered, save for a simple picture or two mounted on white and framed in black. Easy and effective.


2. Shaping Up Add a new dimension to bare walls by cutting across them with strong lines and geometric shapes in Banana Split. Pair with a crisp white or a warm neutral on the rest of the walls to balance the palette, for a playful, modern and original space.


3. Colour Splash Carve out a quiet corner in an open-plan room by partially painting two walls in Banana Split. The bold yellow provides a punchy contrast to neighbouring neutral surfaces, and the crisp dividing lines act as an instant visual cue to room delineation, zoning a dedicated space to work.


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