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4 brilliant boys’ bedroom ideas

Get inspiration with our boys’ bedroom themes. For motor-lovers who'd like a car bedroom to a mountain-themed bedroom for little adventurers, get creative with Dulux.


Zoom into fun with creative boys’ bedroom themes.


Are you ready to throw away the rule book? That’s part of the fun when it comes to boys’ bedroom themes. Perhaps your little man likes to walk on the wild side, gear up for car racing or save the day on a regular basis. Whatever it is he loves to dream about, it’s entirely possible to create a bedroom that encourages his soaring imagination.

Decorating a room, for boys aged around four to eight years, is also a chance for you to let loose with those bold, crazy and even silly ideas you’ve always wanted to use. Don’t hold back when it comes to bright shades, wacky walls and innovative decor. By using simple taping techniques, geometric patterns and stencils, together with a vibrant colour palette, you’ll match his energy with a room that races towards fun.


Practical tips for boys’ bedroom themes

Before we launch into adventure, it’s important to set the room up for practicality as well as fun. Get the basics right with smart storage solutions and multifunctional furniture to see him through the years to come. Bunk beds with hidden storage save space and allow for superhero sleepovers. Separate storage cubes act as chairs, display units and race tracks.

Opt for an all-in-one shelving and desk unit, baskets and boxes that match your theme and cupboard organisers to make the most of space. With the practicalities taken care of, there’ll be plenty of space for both playtime and functionality. Most importantly, make sure your paint design is up to the task with Dulux Easycare on the walls, to repel stains and easily wipe away those little fingerprints.


Tones that take the wheel

Most little boys dream of having a car bedroom. This creative design puts a roadside straight across your child’s wall for a room that drives him from A to B. Fresh, energetic colours breathe life into the space and add a natural feel to depict real life scenes. While it looks like professional artwork, all you need is some stylish stencils and easy painting techniques to achieve the look.

To bring the driving world to life, paint a backdrop of green and matching trees with Green Parrot 2Summer Medley 3 introduces the sky to the scene and Pebble Drift 1 gets you on the road. Use contrasting colours for the all-important cars, like Sun Dust 5 and Chalky White 3. For a harmonious feel throughout, pluck shades from the wall to match with bedding and accessories in your car bedroom.


A mini adventure

explorer themed reading cubby

Do you have a mini explorer in the household? Bring the outdoors in for him with a mountain-themed bedroom. A palette of greys and yellows creates a soothing, warm atmosphere while also adding excitement and a sense of adventure. Clever use of masking tape helps you to create mountains, and string is all you need to pop a sun in there too.

Create a 3D effect with a backdrop painted in light Khaki Mist 6, taller mountains in Night Jewels 4 and smaller peaks in front with Night Jewels 2. Top the peaks off with some snow in Polished Pebble and add the sunshine with Lemon Chiffon 3. Choose an indoor tent, igloo or teepee to turn the room into a proper campsite and use old suitcases for clever storage solutions that also act as travelling props.


Stunning in simple colours

bold blue green kids storage space

You don’t have to commit to a theme to achieve an imaginative design, especially if you’re concerned about changing it in the coming years to suit growing tastes. Using bold, bright colours is all it takes to liven up the space and give it an edge that’s too cool for school. Vibrant blues and lime greens make a splash when combined and they’re a great choice for unisex rooms too.

It’s not all about the walls either, as it’s easy to paint blocks of colour inside shelving units, on furniture and around features. Try a trio of bold colours like Summer Medley 4Javan Dawn 2 and Kiwi Burst 2. Paint a two tone wall and add blocks of colour to both harmonise and contrast with the design. For balance, use pale neutrals for bedding, flooring or furniture.


A hero in hues

superhero themed kids room

Who doesn’t want to save the day, every single day? A superhero bedroom puts your child right in the middle of his favourite action stories to play the starring role. Stencils and easy painting techniques help you create a city skyline backdrop that’s custom-made for swinging from building to building or soaring through the skies.

Taking inspiration from comic book colours, set the scene with a dramatic sky painted in Holiday Blues 2Rich Black creates a silhouette of skyscrapers and Banana Dream 4 adds the twinkling lights. Use light Polished Pebble for contrast and extra details. In terms of accessories, introduce pops of superhero green and red with throws, cushions and rugs. Make sure you clear extra space in the cupboard for all those fast costume changes.

With boys’ bedroom themes bringing your child’s dreams to life, just be aware that it might be a little hard to get him to come out for dinner!

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