4 bright makeovers to put a spring in your step

Refresh your space for the season with these four ideas to lift your spirits


Bright and beautiful


Kick-off the blankets, peel back the curtains and emerge from winter hibernation.

After months of cosying up and hitting the snooze button, it’s time to shake-up your wake-up with a sprightly palette in your bedroom.

A sorbet yellow like Sunny Day brings instant energy to sleeping quarters. This bright and happy tone gives a real ‘get up and go’ boost to walls. Harness its fresh, zingy hue with coordinated accessories like a bed lamp and bedside flowers.

Balance the yellow with a calming neutral like Sandy Steps. This will bounce around more light in the mornings, so you can float into your day feeling rejuvenated and clear-headed.

Which colours?

Sunny Day 
Sandy Steps


Bold and powerful


Planning to give it your all this year? Power that drive by going bold with deep Azure Fusion 3. This rich tone will add depth to your bedroom and works great for rooms with plenty of light flooding in. Complement with soothing Cornflower White for a restful backdrop to bedtime.

Allow your window to take centre stage by painting the frames neutral to accentuate picturesque views of refreshing spring mornings and cool, crisp evenings. These lines will draw the eye to a focal point across the luxurious wave of blue to a bright and airy finale. Infuse personality with yellow curtains to really enhance that first light of day.

Draw on the opulence of the green undertones by accessorising with vintage staples like a green tasseled lampshade.

Which colours?

Azure Fusion 3 
Cornflower White


Soft and serene


With the festive season over and new goals to keep track of, reset the balance by decorating your kitchen in soft, serene tones to create a space to refuel and relax in.

Use cooling Paper Mint to bring a sense of calm to the heart of your home. Light blue-greens create an uplifting, open space for culinary creativity. If you have large windows, add drama by painting the walls closest to the window in a rich shade like Mauve Tale. This will offer high impact with minimal effort. It will also help zone your kitchen, so you can keep your cool while cooking against minty hues before a striking backdrop for lively mealtimes.

Which colours?

Paper Mint 
Mauve Tale


Warm and vibrant


If the short days and grey skies have left you feeling blue, it’s time to make the space in your home work harder to lift your spirits.

Take your cue from the world of pop art and wash the walls in ‘happy’.

Combine a pastel pink like Sunset Kiss with vibrant Turquoise Jewel. The coral undertones from the pink will add warmth to your kitchen, especially if you are working with a large, open plan space that needs cosying up.

The green hues of Turquoise Jewel infuse tranquility inspired by nature – think crystal clear oceans surrounding paradise islands. Finish off with an airy shade like Chalk Dust along the top of the wall for a balanced harmony of colours. Pepper white pots of herbs for bursts of freshness.

Try these bright ideas with the Dulux Visualizer app today.

Which colours?

Sunset Kiss 
Turquoise Jewel 
Chalk Dust

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