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Celtic Moor and Summer Linen bedroom

Colour Lookbook: Inspirational Spring Colour Ideas to Brighten Your Home for The Season

We love spring, and who wouldn’t? It’s lighter and warmer outside. Flowers are blooming and birds are singing. Best of all, spring colours are back.


We love spring, and who wouldn’t? It’s lighter and warmer outside. Flowers are blooming and birds are singing. Best of all, spring colours are back.

A little spring decorating can give your home a big lift and your mood an even bigger boost. If that’s not enough to persuade you to have a spring makeover, we’ve pulled together four spring colour palette ideas to help you breathe new life into your home. Take a look and thank us later!

Spring colour palette: bright and beautiful

One of our favourite seasonal trends is when we say goodbye to the doom and gloom of winter and say hello to bright and beautiful shades in our homes. Decorating with spring colours is a quick and easy way to cheer up your home décor, and at the same time, put a smile on your face.

A spring colour palette that includes a sorbet yellow like Sunny Day with a calming neutral like Sandy Steps can energise your space without it being too stimulating. 

Dulux Sunny Day bedroom

Spring colour palette: powerful greens

Greens are some of the most powerful spring colours on the planet. Greens can evoke a sense of calm in your home whilst helping you reconnect with nature – perfect for this time of year when the outside world starts waking up.

They’re also wonderfully versatile and pair well with other spring colours. As you can see in this kids nursey, where we chose to paint a striking spilt wall effect. We paired bold Celtic Moor 2 with soft Summer Linen. Want to know what colour goes with green? Check out these colour combinations.

Dulux celtic moor summer

Spring colour palette: soft and serene

If you want to create an indoor oasis or self-care sanctuary for your spring makeover, choose a soft and serene spring colour palette. Pale and gentle blue-greens such as Paper Mint can bring a feeling of bliss into your home, helping you to both recharge and relax. And if you want to draw attention to key features, you can always introduce darker tones like Mauve Tale.

Dulux paper mint mauve tale dining room

Spring colour palette: warm and vibrant

The best thing about spring decorating is that you can make bolder colour choices. Now that you’re finally free from the shackles of winter, start using warm and vibrant shades that put a spring in your step. You can’t get much brighter than Desert Island 2, especially paired with a muted grey like Frosted Steel. In this dining room, we used the dandelion yellow on a set of patio doors to embrace the concept of indoor-outdoor living.

Dulux kitchen desert island frosted steel

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