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Micro Makeovers

Looking for easy upcycling ideas? Revamping a well-loved piece of furniture with paint can give your room an update in just a couple of hours. The key is choosing something with a great shape and a lot of potential, such as a sideboard, a shelf, or even a bed. 

Beautify your home – and your Instagram feed – in a matter of hours by upcycling furniture and giving it a new lease of life. Be inspired by the eight easy DIY projects shown here and have a go yourself.


Step-by-Step Guides 

Do you have an old bar cart lying around that needs sprucing up? Or perhaps you want to completely transform an old chair? If you’re wondering how to upcycle, you’ve come to the right place.

Follow our easy step-by-step guides to have your favourite products looking fabulous in no time at all. 


Chic Bar Cart 

Step One

Time: 35 minutes (+ drying).

Clean with a damp cloth, then sand. Mask off areas not being painted. Stir Dulux Primer & Undercoat for Multi Surfaces before applying, then leave to dry.

Step Two

Time: 40 minutes (+ drying).

Cut out Art Deco-style wallpaper to fit the tiered trays. Apply border adhesive and allow to soak for a minute, then apply to the surface and brush down any air bubbles. Allow to dry.

Step Three

Time: 15 minutes (per coat).

Stir the paint and apply the first coat to the frame; leave to dry. Lightly sand the surface, then apply a second coat. Allow to dry. 

Step Four

Time: 20 minutes (+ drying).

Add 1-2 coats of clear varnish to the wallpaper and allow to dry. Remove the masking tape. Now you’re ready to roll out the cocktail classics! 

Chair Makeover

Step One

Time: 35 minutes.

Use Polycell Maximum Strength Paint Stripper to remove existing paint layers from the chair. Sand with medium-coarse paper.

Step Two

Time: 40 minutes (+ drying).

Apply Chic Shadow with a quality 3” paintbrush (use a 1” brush for the fiddly bits). Resist the urge to slap it on – two light coats will give a better finish. 

Step Three

Time: 15 minutes.

Make sure the base colour is dry before measuring where you want the colour on the lower legs of the chair to begin. Mask off with tape to create a neat line.

Step Four

Time: 30 minutes (+ drying).

Apply Orange Fizz to the feet. Once the paint is dry, remove the masking tape and stand back to admire your masterpiece.

Painting Projects

You can easily make worn-out furniture look as good as new with a quick coat of paint. If you’re wondering how to paint furniture, discover our simple projects below. 

Sideboard Overhaul

Searching for painted furniture ideas? There are plenty of ways to use paint to upcycle some of your favourite furniture.

Turn a plain old sideboard into the star of the show. Mix natural wood with painted panels for a contemporary look and take your inspiration from the colours nearby – think rugs, curtains and cushions.

Colours used: Blossom WhiteBlackPeppermint Candy and Polished Pebble.

Shelving Shake-up

Make a small but strong statement by adding a Vanilla Sundae to the front of your shelving. Choose a surprising shade like yellow to add a refreshing dash to the room. 

Table Turnaround

Transform a tatty table by painting the top and legs in contrasting shades for a balanced but impactful finish. For ease, flip the table upside down and start with the legs, then turn it back over to paint the top.

Colours used: Willow Tree and Proud Peacock.

Vanity Fair

Be brave and paint your bathroom vanity unit in bold Black. It makes for an elegant statement paired with chic metallic accents and sleek subway tiles – perfect for shameless #shelfies to show off your most covetable beauty products.

Bed in the Clouds

Four-poster beds are back in fashion – their stately design brings a sense of comfort and security. Wake up to happy hues by painting the entire frame in vibrant Orange Fizz – it’s like enveloping yourself in a warm embrace.

Top Drawer

For a fun update, paint a chest of drawers in cooling Peppermint Candy. Then add pops of colour to the sides of the drawers – start with Willow Tree and work your way through Jurassic Stone to Luscious Lime


We hope we’ve inspired you to plan some upcycling projects and add some character to furniture that you may have forgotten about. It just goes to show that anything can be completely revitalised with a new splash of paint. Don’t forget to check out the rest of the Dulux blogs for even more excellent decorating tips, tricks and advice. 

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