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Micro Makeovers

Get clever with colour and reinvent your classic furniture


Revamping a well-loved piece of furniture with paint can give your room an update in just a couple of hours. The key is choosing something with a great shape and a lot of potential – like this designer-style chair, transformed from beige to brilliant with an eye-catching dipped-leg effect. Be inspired by the four quick projects on this page and have a go yourself.

Chair Makeover - 2 hours

 Step-by-step guide


Step 1 - 35 minutes: Use Polycell Maximum Strength Paint Stripper to remove existing paint layers from the chair. Sand with medium-coarse paper, the


Step 2 - 40 minutes (+ drying): Apply Chic Shadow with a quality 3” paintbrush (use a 1” brush for the fiddly bits). Resist the urge to slap it on – two light coats will give a better finish. 


Step 3 - 15 minutes: Make sure the base colour is dry before measuring where you want the colour on the lower legs of the chair to begin. Mask off with tape to create a neat line.


Step 4 - 30 minutes (+ drying): Apply Orange Fizz to the feet. Once the paint is dry, remove the masking tape and stand back to admire your masterpiece.

Sideboard Overhaul - 2hrs


Turn a plain old sideboard into the star of the show. Mix natural wood with painted panels for a contemporary look, and take your inspiration from the colours nearby – think rugs, curtains and cushions. Colours used: Blossom WhiteBlackPeppermint Candy and Polished Pebble.

Shelving Shake-up - 1hr



Make a small but strong statement by adding a Vanilla Sundae to the front of your shelving. Choose a surprising shade like yellow to add a refreshing dash to the room. 

Table Turnaround - 3hrs


Transform a tatty table by painting the top and legs in contrasting shades for a balanced but impactful finish. For ease, flip the table upside down and start with the legs, then turn it back over to paint the top. Colours used: Willow Tree and Proud Peacock.



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