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Micro Makeover: Small projects to use up leftover paint

Make the most out of your leftover paint with Dulux's small project ideas. Upcycle and spruce up your home interior with leftover paint. Read more at Dulux.


If you’re stuck at home looking for jobs to do, and you stumble upon some leftover paint, don’t be too hasty to take it to the tip. Here are 4 clever ways you can put it to good use – better for the environment and a better use of your time!

Give your shelves a freshen up

When you think about what to do with leftover paint, often the best ideas are hiding in plain sight. Take shelving, for example. Typically, your shelves are neutral in colour, so they blend in with your home décor. Yet with just a little leftover paint, you can not only refresh your shelves, but you can add a bit of wow factor to your space. Here we’ve rung the changes on our floating square shelves, by painting geometric stripes in Mineral Mist and Urban Obsession to create an eye-catching contrast.


Upcycling old furniture

If you’ve got furniture that feels a little dated, a lick of leftover paint can give it a new lease of life. Take a simple pine dining chair and paint the back, seat and legs, leaving a couple of inches unpainted to create a colour-block effect. A really deep, dark blue such as Sapphire Splendour works really well. But if you’ve got something softer like Denim Drift, you could try mixing in a bit of brown or black leftover paint to create the desired shade yourself.


Paint simple patterns for an instant feature wall

Adding a feature wall can instantly change the mood of your room. And even if you only have some leftover paint to play with, you can still make an impact. Choose a contrasting colour to what‘s on the wall already and paint a simple pattern. Columns of circles are easy to paint and look really striking, especially in tonal combinations such as Sapphire Salute and White Cotton.


Paint your kitchen cupboard trims

A new kitchen needn’t cost the earth. You can completely refresh the space simply by changing the colours of the door trims – something that wouldn’t take much leftover paint to complete. A little bit of something bold like Rich Black will go a long way, especially when paired with a softer, more autumnal shade like Spiced Honey.  


Wondering what to do with leftover paint? Use it as primer

If there’s one thing you shouldn’t do with leftover paint, it’s throw it away. Even if you’re pretty certain that the colour isn’t one you’ll come back to, it’s worth keeping hold of. For one thing, you can always use leftover paint as a primer on your next painting job. Just remember the simple rule: light paints for priming lighter colours, and darker paints for priming bolder colours.


For more tips on what to do with leftover paint try these 5 creative ways to use tester pots.

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