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Dining room colour ideas

Dining rooms are a place to relax and socialise, whether hosting a family get-together or enjoying your favourite meal. The right colour scheme can make all the difference in this room, helping you create a welcoming space you’ll love spending time in. Here, we take you through our top dining room colour ideas to help you put your spin on this key area of the home.

The best colours for a dining room

Looking to upgrade your dining space? Whether you want to create an impactful design with bold shades or an understated look with timeless neutrals, explore our dining room paint ideas for inspiration: 

  • Green dining room ideas. Create a relaxing dining experience with green paint. Light green can help make the room feel bright and airy, while a dark green dining room works well with wooden furniture for a sophisticated look. 
  • Grey dining room ideas. Grey is a versatile, practical colour for dining rooms. And with so many shades to choose from, there’s something to suit all interiors – from rustic rooms to sleek, modern spaces. 
  • Blue dining room ideas. From deep sapphire to duck egg blue, this colour evokes elegance and warmth. Create a cosy space with dark blue, or use multiple tones throughout to add interest to your dining room. 
  • Pink dining room ideas. For a luxurious feel, consider pink paint for your dining room. Pastel walls add personality and pair well with white furniture for a serene look. 
  • Neutral dining room ideas. A popular choice for all dining rooms, neutral colour schemes lend an elegant feel and team well with a spectrum of shades.

Dining room colour combinations

Wondering which shades work well together in dining rooms? Discover some of our favourite colour combinations for a coordinated look: 

  • Grey and orange dining rooms. A grey dining room offers a blank canvas for adding colour in creative ways. Pops of orange can add a touch of brightness to the space; try pairing grey walls with orange furniture and accessories for a vibrant feel. 
  • Orange and blue dining rooms. Sitting directly opposite one another on the colour wheel, orange and blue is a brilliant combination. For an elegant look, consider teaming orange with deep navy, combining the feeling of nature with bold accents. 
  • Red and grey dining rooms. Want to create a dramatic look? Choose a red and grey colour scheme, using light grey for the walls and incorporating deep red details, such as curtains, sideboards and chairs.

Painting dining furniture

If you don’t want to commit to painting your dining room walls, painting the furniture is a great way to add pops of colour. Discover our top tips for this easy, budget-friendly way to revamp your dining room: 

  • Select suitable paint. When painting a dining table and chairs, the most important thing to consider is the paint you use. Choose tough, durable paint that can withstand wear and tear to keep your furniture looking great for longer. Browse our selection of interior wood paint for products that guarantee a long-lasting finish. 
  • Consider the rest of the space. Before selecting a colour for your furniture, consider what will work well with the rest of your dining space. For example, pastel furniture adds character to light, spacious dining rooms, while painting dining room chairs white can help brighten a dark room. 
  • Prep your furniture and use the correct amount of paint. Clean the furniture thoroughly beforehand, and sand the surface for a smooth, even finish. Before painting, check the instructions on the tin and apply the recommended amount of paint using a brush or roller. 

Multifunctional dining room inspiration

Multifunctional dining rooms – such as kitchen diners and living room-dining rooms – are a popular feature in homes today. Colour zoning is a great way to highlight the separate areas of the room, using different shades or patterns on the walls to create a dedicated dining space.  

Looking for combined kitchen-dining room ideas for your home? Keep things simple by using two complementary colours to separate the dining space from the kitchen. Consider the colour wheel and think about which colours work well together. You could choose a lighter shade for the kitchen – like white or light grey – and a darker shade for the dining area for a dramatic effect. A feature wall is an excellent way to incorporate bold colour in areas where you don’t want to use it all over. 

For living room-dining rooms, you can enhance separation through strategically placed rugs, cabinets and shelves. Use these details to mark out the living room and add an extra element of cosiness.

The best paints for dining rooms

While dining rooms are a lived-in space, they typically aren’t as prone to wear and tear as other areas of the home. Eggshell and satin paint are excellent choices for this room, providing a soft glow and a durable finish. Our interior and dining room interior ranges feature high-quality products that will transform the look of your walls with something to suit all homes. 

Once you’ve chosen your ideal dining room paint, browse our range of colours to find the perfect match for your space. From bold reds to subtle blues, we have shades to suit every interior design.

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