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Neutral Bedrooms with Pops of Colour

Our neutral bedroom ideas show you how to use beige shades. From grey and beige to beige and pink, neutral bedrooms with pops of colour are naturally on-trend.


Beige is back with a bang for neutral bedroom ideas with a colourful spin.

Soothing beige bedrooms have gone in and out of fashion for decades, but they keep coming back with new and exciting twists. Right now, that twist comes in the form of neutral bedrooms with pops of colour. Mixed with pinks, whites and greys, beige retains its natural, versatile vibe with the added bonus of exciting visual interest. 

Find out just how well beige plays with others with our top neutral bedroom ideas.


Design a grey and beige bedroom


Until you see them paired together, grey and beige don’t necessarily sound like a match made in heaven. However, these two versatile neutrals rest side by side peacefully, just as they do in nature. Even though they’re neutrals, together they make a striking impact and give you the chance to play with other accent colours of your choice.

Two-tone walls are perfect for making the most of a grey and beige bedroom. Create a feature wall behind your bed, which can also double as a decorative headboard to save space. Paint the bottom half in a dark beige and the top half with a mid-tone grey. A horizontal, dark brown stripe between the two adds a stylish twist.

Alternatively, go vertical with a wide section in deep grey and the smaller section in a pale Natural Hessian. Choose bright yellow, or any bold colour you like, for a thin stripe between the neutrals. Enhance the scheme beautifully with silver bedding and add a splash of white for balance and brightness.


Create a beige and white bedroom


Chic, elegant and soft, a beige and white bedroom invites you to relax in pure bliss. This soothing combination works well as a monochromatic scheme, by blending off whites or cream with various tones of beige. As long as you throw in some texture via rugs, cushions and patterns, there’s no need for any other colour if you want to stick to the harmonious flow this scheme creates.

Consider a mid-tone Gentle Fawn for your walls and pick up the colour with deep beige window treatments. Look to patterned beige and white bedding to add texture and another shade of beige for rugs. Give your bedroom furniture a refreshing lick of white paint and add some metallic ornaments for a touch of shine.


Enjoy a beige and pink bedroom


Pink brings an element of fun to beige, and beige reduces the overtly feminine vibe of pink. These two create a versatile foundation for striking accent shades of both bold and subtle tones. Paint a statement feature wall in a dusky pink and create a round headboard in deep beige to highlight your bed. Introduce pops of rich blue for bedding and use natural wicker baskets or wooden furniture for texture.

Alternatively, slather all your walls in a pink-tone beige for an instant beige and pink bedroom colour scheme. Make a contrasting impact with deep grey paint for the ceiling and bright white skirting. To tie the look together, match all three tones with furniture and accessories. A hint of black, chocolate brown or burnished gold brings an element of sophistication.


Neutral bedroom ideas for accessories


No matter what accessories you already have or what you dream of having, your pink, white or grey and beige bedroom is almost guaranteed to welcome them. It’s not so much about colour on these incredibly versatile backdrops. What really brings neutral bedroom ideas to life is the art of layering an array of enticing textures.

Everything has its own texture, but when it comes to interior design it’s all about combining things like patterns, textiles and wood to create movement, depth and interest. Otherwise, your backdrop runs the risk of feeling a little cold. The key is to create a soothing balance between the two, so your design isn’t too cluttered or too bland.

The easiest way to add texture is with bedding and cushions in different plush fabrics, designs, patterns or colours. Rugs tie colour schemes together and contribute just the right amount of cosiness, without adding clutter. Contrast soft textures with wooden furniture, metallic lampshades, books, vases, artwork or candles. All neutral colour schemes benefit from plants and fresh flowers, and so will you!


How to choose the right neutral bedroom ideas for you


There’s no doubt about it, beige comes in a large variety of tones. To pick the right shade for neutral bedrooms with pops of colour, first download the Dulux Visualiser app. Simply take a photo of your bedroom and tap on your favourite hues to see your room transformed on the screen with augmented reality technology. You can even send your ideas to family, friends or a decorator if you want a second opinion.

When you’ve narrowed down the options, order Dulux roller testers. They work just like decorating rollers so you can test colours and get an accurate idea of the finished result. With neutrals, it’s important to see how light changes the colours at different times of day. Paint samples on pieces of A4 paper, hang them up and don’t forget to check them in the morning, afternoon and under artificial light.

Remember that it’s pretty hard to go wrong with beige in the bedroom. It’s versatile, soothing and bound to continue its never-ending cycle of being on-trend in the world of interior design.

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