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Dulux Easycare Washable & Tough Paint

If your house is home to children, pets or both, your walls can quickly look a little worse for wear. Here’s why you can trust our most durable paint, Dulux Easycare Washable & Tough to keep your home looking its best for longer.


If your house is home to children, pets and busy people, your walls have a lot to put up with. Kids with grubby fingers, dogs shaking off after a muddy walk, bikes being walked through the hall way not to mention the day-to-day splashes and splodges from eating at the kitchen table. So how can you keep those dirty walls looking fresh?


Dulux Easycare Washable & Tough is a washable wall paint that’s twenty times tougher than standard Dulux paint. So, no matter what gets thrown at your walls, you can trust out most durable paint to keep your home looking its best for longer.

The clever technology that makes Dulux Easycare a washable paint

Easycare Paint comes with clever stain-repellent technology stirred in. It turns liquids into little beads, which sit on top of the paint rather than soak in. So, while Dulux Easycare is absolutely a scrubbable paint, you never need to do much scrubbing. As a washable wall paint, it lets you wipe away stains before they stick... making cleaning a breeze.  

What stains can I wipe away using Dulux Easycare Washable Paint?

Easycare paint resists just about any stain you can think of. We have specially formulated Easycare Kitchen paint to clean pasta sauce blipping away in the kitchen and our Washable and Tough can handle out-of-control colouring in the kids’ room, to muddy dogs in the hallway, Easycare Washable & Tough wall paint withstands the lot. So, you never have to worry about how to get marks off painted walls.

We’ve talked about how it repels water-based spills by turning liquids into beads you can wipe away. However, Dulux Easycare also prevents the absorption of oil-based stains, making them easy to wash away.

13 stains that don’t stand a chance against EasyCare Tough & Washable wall paint

Water-Based Stains

Water Based Stains

Think stains on sink splashbacks. But also mud, felt-tipped pens, tea, coffee, fruit juice. All of them – gone in a wipe.


Oily Stains

Oily Stains

We’re talking cooking oils, ketchup, pasta sauces, peanut butter, grease, lipstick, butter – you name it.

Dulux Easycare Washable Paint

To find out more about how easy it is to remove these stains from a wall when you use Dulux EasyCare Tough & Washable paint, check out our handy How to Clean A Wall tips.

How Dulux Easycare Washable & Tough makes your walls easy to clean - how to clean painted walls

There are all kinds of stain disasters that our walls go up against on a daily basis. But with Dulux Easycare Tough & Washable wall paint, cleaning up takes just 3 simple steps.

You Will Need:

What You'll Need

1.  A sponge or cloth
2.  Soap
3.  Water


Step 1: Remove the excess

Step One

Before you use water or soap, wipe away any excess dirt, liquid or oil from the stain.


Step 2: Add water and a little soap

Step Two

Next, add a drop of soap to a damp sponge or cloth.


Step 3: Wipe the stain away

Step Three

Yep, that’s it! For more intense or older stains, don't be afraid to wipe several times with pressure to clean the stain... Dulux Easycare Tough & Washable is a scrubbable paint, too. But you should find the stain comes away quickly, while your walls keep their colour and finish for longer.


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