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Two Ways to Give a Busy Family Kitchen a Stylish New Look

Is your family kitchen ready for a refresh? These quick ideas work perfectly with neutral cabinets and worktops to bring out the best in your space.


A busy family kitchen is the heart of a home, so not only should it look and feel warm and welcoming, it’s also got to work for you and your family’s needs. Enter Easycare Kitchen paint. Our Easycare Kitchen paint is ideal for any busy kitchen as it repels tough stains and is easy to wipe clean. You can choose from a rainbow of colours, without worrying about messy little fingerprints, pawprints or culinary creations staining the walls. 

In this guide, we’ll show you two ways you can give a neutral kitchen a new lease of life with colour that stays put, no matter what’s thrown at it (quite literally). 


Go bold with a blue feature wall


If you’ve got light and neutral units and worktops, you’ve got a blank canvas to play with in your space. Use Brilliant White on three out of four walls to provide a crisp starting point that blends in with your units. If the thought of white in the kitchen worries you then no fear – our Easycare range is easy to wipe clean, remember? 


On your fourth wall, try using a rich and vibrant shade such as Sapphire Salute to create a contrasting feature wall. The combination of white and a rich blue hue will complement accessories such as mixed-metal fixtures, marble worktops and even houseplants on the windowsill. All in all these colours are an ideal solution for a bustling family kitchen. 


Which colours? 

Walls: Sapphire SaluteBrilliant White

Kitchen Cupboards: Pebble Shore in Quick Dry Eggshell

Skirting Boards: White Cotton in Quick Dry Satinwood


Pick two-tones of grey for a split effect


If you’re feeling creative, why not try a split effect in your family kitchen? The clean line across the room will help lead the eye across the space, making it appear longer. Opting for a darker shade along the bottom will also conceal scuffs that are inevitable in a busy area.  

For a stylish yet inviting space for you and your family to enjoy, choose two shades of grey to compliment neutral units and wooden worktops. Try Goose Down on the top portion of your walls and Chic Shadow on the bottom half. The result will be a room that is suitable for both busy family time and for hosting dinner with friends. 

This look could also work with earthy tones such as Willow Tree and Caramel Latte.  


Which colours? 

Walls: Goose DownChic ShadowWhite Cotton

Kitchen Cupboards: Polished Pebble in Quick Dry Satinwood  

Skirting Boards: White Cotton in Quick Dry Satinwood  


From mischievous children and playful pets to an enthusiastic chef, enjoy stress-free mess in your family kitchen with Easycare Kitchen paint. 


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