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Dulux Weathershield Green Ivy & Royal Berry Door

Dr Dulux: Your Guide to Weathershield Exterior Paint Colours

Find the perfect shade for your home with our Weathershield exterior paint colour guide. Discover earthy neutral tones, classic whites, bold greens & more.


A bright and beautifully painted exterior is something to be proud of. Do you prefer bold, modern shades? Choose from our range of beautiful Dulux Weathershield colours to protect the outside of your home and create the perfect street-facing style.

Look out for roller testers in stores

Pick up exterior paint colour testers in store and apply on your exterior wall so you can see exactly how the colour will look before you start painting.

For more on how to paint and protect the exterior of your home, check out the full Weathershield range here.

Masonry paint colours

We know your home is precious to you, so it’s natural that you want to protect it. With Dulux Weathershield Masonry, you’re not only protecting the outside of your house, you’re taking care of what’s inside it, too.

Available in both smooth and textured finishes, you can use it on masonry, render, concrete, pebble dash and brickwork to get just the finish you’re looking for. And while you can’t count on the British weather, it’s good to know that Weathershield Masonry paints are rainproof in just 30 minutes...and UV-resistant for when the sun starts to shine.

We’re so confident in the formulation that we offer you the Weathershield Promise: If your walls peel, flake or there is mould growth within the paint film whilst you live in your home, we will return the value of a replacement product to you. Now that’s worth protecting!

Find the perfect shade for the outside of your home using our masonry paint colour chart.

Exterior paint colours for wood and metal

It’s easy to add a colourful splash of personality to your home with Weathershield Exterior Gloss & Satin outdoor paint colours. Stamp your style on your front-door and windows for an instantly brighter look. 

Multisurface outdoor paint colours

Our Multi-Surface Exterior Paint can be used on multiple substrates such as wood and metal. This product is perfect for uPVC surfaces as you can paint straight away without the need for any primer. All these colours come in Dulux Weathershield Multisurface Quick Dry Satin.

Exterior Walls

Add a new lease of life to your exterior walls with Weathershield exterior paint colours, available in smooth and textured.

Wood & Metal

Add a pop of colour with a stand-out sheen using Weathershield outdoor wood and metal paint colours, available in Satin and Gloss.

Want more colour inspiration? Check out these 3 colour combos to try on your home. Or head here to see the latest Weathershield Colour Lookbook

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