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Feel joyful with the Uplifting palette 

Come home to a blooming good day with a joyful palette that’s sure to put a smile on your face. 

Raining outside? Think of hazy summer days when the bees are buzzing and the sun is shining. You’re running through fields of bright yellow sunflowers beneath clear blue skies and you can smell freshly-cut grass. This is the Uplifting palette, which reminds us to live in the moment, and always look on the bright side of life.  

Be elated, feel joyful and float on air …

Paint your positive 

Positive and inspiring, our Uplifting palette has been created so you can always come home to happy, transforming not just how your rooms look but how they make you feel. Colours inspired by the beauty of nature – from flowers to food – can combine on a blank canvas to create a true work of art. Think of the three shades as accents in a masterpiece: sunny California Days, earthy Fresh Artichoke and refreshing Apple White.

Give a warm welcome 

A plain wall can be pop art when it’s painted in bright California Days and beautiful Apple White using Dulux Easycare Washable & Tough, which is specially formulated to look better for longer in high-traffic spaces. By dividing up the walls either side of the picture rail, we’ve created interest in the hallway while making it feel as bright as a field of sunflowers. Because it’s wipeable, the inevitable wear and tear of storing bags and kicking-off shoes isn’t a problem, removing scuffs and stains with the wipe of a cloth. With such a beautiful backdrop for a wall, even a hanging coat can become a work of art, sure to fill you with joy.

After Label
Before Label

Light up the room 

Why not lift the lid on a world of possibilities and try the Uplifting palette for yourself? Here, we’ve given a living room a lick of paint to turn an ordinary space into a happy place, using vibrant California Days to create a feature wall behind a neutral sofa (top tip: if you want to recreate the panelling effect, ensure you prime the wood before painting). Elsewhere, soft Fresh Artichoke has been used to tie in tonally with the more subdued colours of the space, while focusing the eyes on the floral yellow – undeniably the pick of the bunch (swipe to style it up!). It’s a masterclass in using bright, joyful colours in a way that’s grown-up – somewhere you can’t help but smile in.

Pick your palette

While the joyful colours of the Uplifting palette make you feel happy and positive, sometimes you want your home to evoke other feelings…

    The Adventurous palette

    Create a sense of adventure with a bold palette that makes any space feel like outer space.

    The Exhilaration palette

     Have the ride of your life with an exciting palette that gets the adrenaline pumping.

    The Escapism palette

     Recreate that ‘out-of-office’ vibe with a relaxed palette that helps you get away from it all.

With the power to create rooms full of joy and feeling, a tin of Dulux Easycare opens a world of possibilities, however you want to feel in your home.

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