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Instantly visualise this colour on your walls

Be transported with the Escapism palette 

Recreate that ‘out-of-office’ vibe – from the comfort of home – with a relaxed palette that helps you get away from it all.

It’s time to switch on your ‘out-of-office’, kick-back in your armchair, and well and truly relax. You don’t need to feel the sand between your toes or hear the waves lapping at the shore to check-out of your everyday life. You’re creating an oasis that takes you on a trip abroad without leaving the comfort of home. This is the Escapism palette, which has the power to recreate a holiday from whatever room you’re in, immediately transporting you to a far-flung place.

It’s about taking it easy – and leaving all your worries behind.  

Take a trip

Pretty much packing your bags for you, think of the Escapism palette as a way of painting your own paradise, featuring easy, breezy colours that are natural and beautiful. From cool Teal Voyage to deep Indigo Shade and clean Rock Salt, surround yourself with shades that shut out the rest of the world, enabling you to take a well-deserved break.

Turn your office into your ‘out-of-office’

Whether you’ve got a day of meetings or a late-night deadline, you can still turn an office space into your happy place with a simple lick of paint, transforming not just how it looks but how it feels. Here, we’ve painted a fun geometric pattern in a combination of Teal Voyage, Indigo Shade and Rock Salt from the palette (together with Goose Down), allowing your mind to wander between calls. What’s more, with Dulux Easycare Washable & Tough, brilliant colour is matched by tough coverage, ensuring it stays looking good for longer.  

After Label
Before Label

Fashion a five-star bedroom 

Hammock in the jungle or hut on the sand? With the Escapism palette, a bedroom can become a boutique hotel, evoking all the exoticism of a five-star escape. Here, we’ve used Teal Voyage on the wall and ceiling to create a cocooning effect, offset by Rock Salt on the walls for contrast (swipe to style it up!). It’s taken the space from ordinary to extraordinary – while creating a room you’ll never want to check-out of.

Pick your palette

While the relaxed colours of the Escapism palette helps you get away from it all, sometimes you want your home to evoke other feelings…

    The Adventurous palette

    Create a sense of adventure with a bold palette that makes any space feel like outer space.

    The Exhilaration palette

     Have the ride of your life with an exciting palette that gets the adrenaline pumping.

    The Uplifting palette

     Come home to a blooming good day with a joyful palette that’s sure to put a smile on your face.

With the power to create rooms full of joy and feeling, a tin of Dulux Easycare opens a world of possibilities, however you want to feel in your home.

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