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The latest blue colour palettes to inspire your home design

If you’re thinking of injecting some more colour into your home, then why not consider a blue colour scheme? The best thing about the colour blue is that it’s such a versatile option and goes with a wide range of other colours, making it the perfect  colour palette for your bedroom or living room.

Since blue is such an adaptable colour, it’s easy to incorporate a blue colour scheme into your home. From two-tone walls to more earthy and neutral colours, using a blue palette gives you the freedom to design your room exactly the way you like. Whether you’re looking for blue bedroom, living room or hallway inspiration, read on for some ideas and pointers to help you along your decorating journey.


1. Soothing sanctuary of blue and gold 

If you’re looking to make a statement in your home and create a sense of luxury, then a regal colour palette of blue and gold is the ideal choice. This colour scheme works especially well in bedrooms  as the bold combination is surprisingly soothing. Nothing says opulence like an ombre-effect wall, so begin by painting the lower half of your walls with a bold, blue paint, like Alpine View. Then paint the top half in Aged Bronzed, blending the two in a dreamy haze. Mirror the colour scheme in your bedding, and add gold accents such as chairs or photo frames.


2. Navy two-tone wall  

Two-tone walls are great for adding drama and depth to any room, and if you have high ceilings they can make the space feel cosier. Since navy blue is a relatively dark shade, offsetting this colour with a clean, neutral colour helps to bring light into your room. To achieve this look, divide your wall into two sections by drawing a line at the point where you want the colours to split. When thinking about the height you want to divide your wall, many people opt for a line around picture rail or dado height, as a contemporary nod to period features. Next, coat the top section of the wall with a shade like Sapphire Salute, before painting a neutral shade like Caramel Sand on the bottom section. Protect the light-coloured lower half of the wall from any scuffs or marks by using a washable and durable paint from our Easycare range.


3. Dark blue walls with white accents

If you’re opting for dark blue walls, then adding contrasting bright white accents is incredibly impactful, while also lifting the room and brightening it up. Coat your walls with a seductive blue shade like Midnight Teal, and paint any mantlepieces and woodwork in a crisp white paint. Add white plant pots and vases, and think about where else you could add a touch of white – perhaps with your lampshades, soft furnishings or even your furniture.


4. Neutral living space

If you’re after a neutral living space, that doesn’t mean that you have to choose between white and nude shades alone. A great way to add some colour into a room while still sticking to a neutral theme is by opting to paint your walls in a pale blue with grey undertones, like Denim Drift. To continue the neutral theme, opt for minimalist furniture in neutral hues, and add accessories in complementary tones.


5. Earthy blue and browns

Exuding a sense of calm and tranquillity, earthy blues and browns combine to make the perfect colour scheme for your bedroom. Unleash your creative side by selecting two or three different colours in various earthy shades, before painting each colour on a different section of your wall to create a colour-blocking effect. Some great options for earthy paint shades include Brave Ground and Fallen Wildflower.


6. Bold blue feature wall     

There’s no shortage of ideas when it comes to feature walls. They can stand out by simply being a different shade to the other walls in your room, or they can be elaborately designed to be a real eye-catcher. Adding a painted shape in a slightly different shade to the rest of the wall is a simple but effective design for a blue feature wall. Go for an all-blue colour palette with bold blue hues like Mysterious Teal or Night Seas combine together beautifully for a stand-out blue feature wall.


7. Nature-inspired blue and green 

Bring the outside in with a nature-inspired green and blue colour palette. These warm, earthy tones provide a calming effect in your home, ideal for helping you relax after a long day. Begin by painting one section of your wall with a sky-blue hue such as Faded Sky, before adding contrasting panels of a more earthy, brown shade like Brave Ground. Finish with a bohemian-style rug and light, wooden furniture.

A blue colour palette is a great way to freshen up your interior, and the possibilities for what you can achieve with a blue colour scheme in your home are endless. If you’re looking for more ways to decorate with blue, take a look at these 5 ways you can use blue paint in your home.

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