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Dulux five ways to use blue bedroom inspiration

5 ways to use blue paint in your home

Discover the different ways to use blue in your home this season. Blue is a versatile colour with many ways to be used in your home, why not give it a go? 

Blue is the world’s favourite colour. From sea to sky, we’re literally surrounded by the stuff. So, it’s no surprise that we love to paint our four walls in this beautiful, versatile colour palette.  

And we don’t just mean in bathrooms and boys’ bedrooms, blue paint is proving to be a popular choice for kitchens, living rooms and even in our furnishings.

That’s because the power of blue paint is endless. Calming and soothing, bold and energetic, blue paint lets you create any mood in your home. Plus, blue teams brilliantly with other colour families, including our Colour of the Year 2021, Brave Ground – we talk more about this further down.

From cool blues like Coastal Grey to dark blues like Sapphire Salute, finding the right blue paint for you is easy, it’s how you use the blue that can be tricky. The good news, we’re here to help…

1. Team with warm neutrals 

Warm neutrals are so on-trend right now. Did you know we’ve chosen the earthy tone of Brave Ground as our Colour of the Year 2021? It’s a comforting, supporting colour – and the perfect teammate for blue paint.

A selection of blue shades can be found in Brave Ground’s complementary Earth Palette. This palette connects indoor spaces with the outside world. Find out how to combine these shades together.

One way to show off this eye-catching contrast of colour is with the split wall effect. This is when you divide your wall into two sections and paint each in different colours. Here we used Mysterious Teal​ to add depth and character, while Brave Ground brought a warmth and softness.

Learn how to paint a split wall effect.

dulux warm neutrals colour of the year 2021 living room inspiration

2. Open up small rooms

As mentioned, blue paint has many powers. Blue is a receding colour, which means it creates the illusion of more space. So, it’s the perfect choice for pokey rooms, like an en-suite or bathroom. For this box room, we used the striking Sapphire Salute.

We know painting your bathroom in blue paint is a bit cliché, but this dark shade diverts your attention away from the size of the room and creates the perception of depth. 

Dulux five ways to use blue bedroom bathroom sapphire salute

Or if you want to open up a small-sized living room, try Indigo Shade on both your walls and woodwork. Not only is this a trendy choice, the blue creates what feels like a seamless space. 

Dulux five ways to use blue living room dining room indigo shade

3. Create a timeless kitchen

Designing a kitchen that will stand the test of time, requires a colour scheme that’s timeless too. Blue is a classic colour, and whichever hue you choose, it will never feel outdated.

Sapphire Salute is a favourite of ours and creates a luxurious, elegant space to make the room feel more expensive. Or you could go for one of the cool shades from the Earth palette like Coastal Grey. Its blue undertones will make you feel calm when things start heating up! 

dulux timeless kitchen colour of the year 2021 kitchen inspiration

4. Upcycle old furniture

Blue paint shouldn’t be restricted to your walls. Adding a splash of colour to your existing furniture is a simple way to update any room – plus, it’ll save you forking out on new pieces!

If you haven’t tried upcycling an old piece of furniture before, we have lots of inspiration for you. For example, we used a fresh coat of Woad Walk to give these drawers a new look. Find more fun ideas here.

dulux five ways to use blue denim drift dining room

5. Brighten up your hallway

Who says you have to keep colour to your walls? A fresh coat of blue paint on your interior doors will brighten up any hallway or narrow space in your home. Vibrant, aqua hues, like you see here, create an almost coastal vibe and instantly make the space feel lighter and airier. We chose Mineral Mist for the door and White Mist on the walls.  

dulux five ways to use blue brighten dark hallways

Want to give it a try? Dr Dulux has all the tips right here.

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