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Wall Painting Ideas for a Home with Personality

Pining over wall paint colour schemes and contrasting colours aren't the only ways to foster a creative home interior. Discover original wall painting ideas.


Your home is a place to embrace the lifestyle you love while showcasing your personality. One of the easiest ways to do this is with your favourite wall paint colour schemes. It’s all about you; so it's time to unleash that creative flair!


Play with contrasting colours

Do you love an environment that feels modern and full of character? Contrasting colours achieve this instantly, no matter where you use them. These are the colours directly opposite to each other on the colour wheel, and when you use them on an otherwise muted backdrop they add an invigorating depth that draws and delights the eye. 

Determine which opposing colours appeal to you most and work with the permanent features in your room. It’s a good idea to choose one as a primary colour and another to serve as an accent to maintain proportion. For example, paint your walls an elegant Sapphire Splendour and pair with a pop of Honey Mustard for the woodwork, trims, arches or motifs.


Experiment with typography


What could be more personal than the names of your family, inspiring quotes, or even your favourite numbers? Enter typography, a trending style to enhance creative home interiors and truly highlight your personality. If you’re a bookworm, it’s easy to incorporate typography into your reading nook. Whether you use a jumble of words and letters, or stencil a cherished poem on the wall, you won’t be able to resist the tug of settling in with your latest read. 

Using a variety of shapes, fonts and colours for the letters, you can personalise children’s rooms with the names of your little ones painted across a feature wall. If you have empty wall space to fill in a hallway or entrance, enliven it by painting wooden letters in a vibrant colour, like Rocket Fire, to spell out a quote that makes you feel good every time you walk by. If you love the industrial look, use metal or chunky block letters and numbers to revitalise your kitchen walls.

Go bold with prints and graphics


There’s no place for boring walls in creative interiors and design, and there are no rules saying you can’t cover them in bold prints and graphics! Have you always liked polka dots, stripes or fancy patterns? Easy painting techniques, stencils and wall stickers mean that it’s well within your reach to bring even the wildest wall painting ideas into reality. Wall stencils offer one of the simplest approaches, and you’ll find everything from floral motifs to animal shapes and the classic checkerboard patterns. 

To achieve a fresh, harmonious look, blend tonal colours like Kiwi Crush and Enchanted Eden for horizontal stripes across a feature wall, or choose wide stripes with contrasting hues to make a visual statement. Can’t decide between colours? Two tone walls might be the solution for you, and they will add dimension to your space. Choose a crisp, symmetrical line between dynamic, contrasting colours, pair a neutral with a bright primary shade for the lower section, or blur the lines using the sponge painting technique. 


Embrace the unconventional


If you love to experiment outside conventional rules, feel free to do so by adding an exciting element of surprise to your home. For example, whites and blues are popular wall paint colour schemes for bathrooms, and for a good reason. However, if yellow is what springs to mind when you want to feel refreshed, consider a pop of Lemon Punch to highlight the wall around the mirror. You’re allowed to break the mould!


For tired living rooms that lack personality, look to colours that encourage the feelings you’d like to inspire. If you’re a playful family that uses the space for games and social gatherings then why not highlight that with bright and contrasting colours that clash to create maximum impact and energy, such as fuchsia and turquoise. On the flip side, you don’t have to choose blues, whites or earthy tones to evoke relaxation. Branch out with variations of rose pink, violet and subtle greens.


Introduce interactive chalkboard walls


Let the kids unleash their creativity on a wall to keep them entertained while you’re in the kitchen. Blackfriar chalkboard paint turns a wall into a canvas so that everyone can personalise the home with their individual style. In terms of wall painting ideas that also offer practicality, this one allows you to scribble a quick to-do list, menu, or message that simply can’t be overlooked or lost. It’s also the perfect solution for household schedules that tend to change, so you can keep track of everyone’s movements.

Back to the design appeal, and the options for personalisation are endless. Paint a chalkboard wall in the dining room to highlight favourite foodie quotes and entertain your guests by inviting them to add to it. Use one in the home office to turn moments of procrastination into artistic endeavours.

Wall paint colour schemes really do have the power to transform your home into a showpiece of personality and heart. All you need to do is choose your favourite colours, styles and moods, then get set to show your walls some love.

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