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Personalise Wall Décor with Painted Letters

Personalise your home with wall letters - the latest decorating trend is bright typography wall decor and we can show you by the letter.


They say actions speak louder than words, yet when it comes to decorating with letter wall art, the opposite can be true. Follow one of the most exciting trends in home decoration and use typography to turn your home into a personal statement. Play with bold, bright and brilliant wall décor. It’s time to get creative with letters.


Make a statement in your hallway


Different rooms lend themselves to different words. Your hallway is the first room you and your guests see when you open the front door, so it’s a good opportunity to set the scene. You could go for letters that spell out an inviting ‘Welcome’ or ‘Home Sweet Home.’ If your entrance hall is short on space and natural light, create a warm feel with letters painted in zesty yellows or make a stronger first impression with the use of teal accents.


Update your living room


Your living room is a place to relax, socialise and catch up with the family, so calming words work well here. Indulge your inner wordsmith and you’ll soon be both a budding J.K. Rowling and a DIY wizard. If your preferred palette is on-trend grey, Dulux has a multitude of hues to choose from to create the perfect base for your living space. Contrast with letter wall art painted in vibrant colours, such as Moroccan Flame, reminiscent of an exotic adventure in North Africa, or go for the gorgeous and complementary Chic Shadow to create a more sophisticated living space.


Turn your bedroom into a sanctuary


Your bedroom is a sanctuary and the place you go for some much-needed shut eye. But it’s also a personal space where you can freely express your personality. Use inspiring wall art and personalised wall décor in artfully arranged words to create the perfect sleep-time atmosphere. Write your favourite quote in conrasting shapes, sizes and fonts, or go for bold and oversized painted 'Zzzs' to inspire sleep. Soft neutrals create a sense of calm and can complement almost all colours. For something a little bolder, choose painted letters in vibrant colours like Sapphire Salute, or feed your creativity with shades that evoke summer holidays in sunnier climes, such as the warming Martian Skies 2.


Get the kids involved 


If you have teenagers, invite them to stamp their personality on their own rooms. Their bedroom is a place to escape from the adult world and a chance to explore their individuality. But as any parent knows, tastes can change very quickly. Wall stickers are a good idea as they are both affordable and easy to remove when it’s time to make a change. You can also use cork board letters to let your kids create their own artwork, arranged strategically on a shelf or hung on the wall at eye level so they can easily see it.

If you’re the parent to a new baby, you’ll want to give them the best start in life, in a room that feels colourful and comforting. A lovely way to spark their imagination and help with their early development is to use stencils or wooden letters to create wall art they can focus on as they lie snuggled in their cot.


Paint your letters


Wood is a beautiful natural material that lends itself well to wall letters for a more earthy take on wall décor. Wooden letters can be painted and arranged to create interesting contrasts to your existing colour scheme. Become a colour wizard with the Dulux palette for endless inspiration. This is a great time to make use of the handy tester pots. Available in a vast range of colours and hues, they are ideal if you want to get the kids involved, are perfect for small projects, and an absolute doddle to apply.


Mix up your typefaces and fonts


Don’t be scared to play with typefaces and fonts that help tell your story in different styles. The quirkier your wall décor experiments are, the more your letter wall art will stand out. You could stamp your family’s own personality with initial wall art that identifies each family member. Use different materials, such as wood, metal and cardboard to highlight their unique character traits. Add a dash of paint, or get even more arty with glitter, confetti or dried flowers to create a brilliant craft effect. Metal letters lend a chic, industrial feel to your home and can perfectly off-set an exposed brick wall. 

You don’t need to take a course in graphic design to get creative with wall letters. The chances are you know your way from A to Z without a second thought. Follow these tips on how to decorate a wall with painted letters and the alphabet will take on a whole new meaning. Learn to love how bold and beautiful these 26 letters can be when arranged in playful ways – and make your home a place of inspiration.

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