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Enjoy this Festive Season in style: Create a space that feels extra special

It’s going to be a different kind of Festive Season this year. But even if you can’t get together with everyone you’d love to see, you can still make the celebrations feel special. And if you’re looking for a little project to get you in the mood, start with these simple interior updates.


Try a festive micro makeover

You may not be able to host a cocktail party this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a sophisticated sip yourself. Of course, you need to set the scene first. Look out for a 1920s-style bar cart in your local charity shop and bring it bang up to date with a lick of gorgeous Proud Peacock. Want to know how? Watch this short video for step-by-step instructions – it’s a project so simple, you could do it in an afternoon. Chin-chin!


Embrace interesting colour combos

Forest green has the wonderful knack of bringing the colours of the great outdoors into your home. Dial up the cosiness by paring accents of this leafy shade with a subtle splash of lilac. To take it one step further, try giving your tired wooden chairs a lick of paint. You’d be amazed what impact it can have on the mood of the room. Watch our quick guide to see how you can embrace the art of upcycling.


Which colours

Chic Lilac

Pine Needle


Get creative with a personalised motif

Want to express yourself with your decor? Try experimenting with your own hand-painted motif. In this example, we’ve painted hexagons in bold earthy colours, to create a honeycomb effect that adds bags of personality to the space. For a nod to the time of year, we’ve added a shimmer of gold accents. Unquestionably festive, they’re timeless enough that you’ll want to keep them all year round. See how to paint your very own hexagon honeycomb in this 44-second video. 

Which colours?

Writers Desk

Spiced Honey

Love Letter

Teal Lux

Velvet Cake


Find your focus with a feature wall

Adding a vibrant splash of colour to a crisp white space is a swift yet sensational way to change up the feel of your living room. For something a little different, try extending a bold shade, such as dark teal, beyond a chimney breast. For the perfect edge between colours, use this quick and clever straight line technique. And if your newly painted focal point just so happens to frame a fireplace? Well, you’ll get to admire it all the more, while you sat in watching Christmas movies.


Which colours?

Teal Tension

Perfectly Taupe

White Cotton


Add length with a clever layered effect

There’s a reason we’re hooked on grey in all its many guises. It’s a calm neutral that makes for the perfect backdrop to a lively kitchen. Just the thing when you’re frantically getting lunch ready on Christmas morning... or sitting together playing board games into the evening. To add extra flair, consider going for a two-tone effect. This clever technique elongates the space, creating the illusion of a longer room. Plus, the darker shade is great at hiding scrapes and scuffs.


Which colours?

Chic Shadow

Deep Fossil


Go for darker colours in smaller spaces

It seems counter-intuitive, to use darker shades in a small space – you’d think it should be the other way round. But actually, using a dark colour like a navy, or dark grey, tricks the eye into thinking the area is more open than it really is. So, if you’re going to be spending your family time in a cosy kitchen, a coat of dark blue could be just the ticket to creating an elegant Christmas cocoon... that you’ll love living in all year round.


Which colours?

Sapphire Salute

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