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Have fun with the Playfulness palette

Live in the moment with a fun palette that’s fizzing with energy.

Whimsical and joyful, our Playfulness palette has been formulated to add a little fun to your life, igniting your imagination and sparking bright ideas. Like an ice-cream sundae, the soft colours recall the cherished memories of your childhood, when life was less complicated and more carefree. A warm feeling of nostalgia and a happy glow on your cheeks.

Life is short – don’t overcomplicate it.

Live your life

Think back to when you’ve had the time of your life, whether karaoke in the kitchen or a holiday romance. This is the Playfulness palette, which reminds you that life is for living, so have fun wherever and whenever you get the chance. From Coral Charm to Willow Tree and Blush Pink, these are happy hues. 

Stairway to heaven

Here, we’ve painted the walls of this hallway in dusky Blush Pink for a whimsical effect, paired with playful Coral Charm on the bench and deep Rich Black on the banister for a contrasting accent. The look is fun and cheerful while feeling grown-up. Painted in Dulux Simply Refresh One Coat, the walls couldn’t have been quicker or easier to transform, while using Dulux Simply Refresh Multi-surface on the woodwork and furniture meant its 2-in-1 technology primed and painted at the same time.  


Cosy up a corner

Dip into the Playfulness palette and discover the colours for yourself. While clean and crisp in white, this corner needed cosying up, so we painted the back wall in warm Blush Pink and the walls either side in natural Willow Tree to frame the zone (swipe to style it up!). Just one coat did the trick thanks to Dulux Simply Refresh One Coat. Next, we added a bolder accent in Coral Charm on the woodwork, which really brought the scheme together. It couldn’t have been more effortless in Dulux Simply Refresh Multi-surface. The result? A nook for reading… or simply daydreaming.  

Spotlight on

A product that primes and paints at the same time? You’re not dreaming. With 2-in-1 technology, Dulux Simply Refresh Multi-surface does just that, providing even coverage and brilliant colour on bare or previously-painted surfaces. Meaning everything from wood and metal to MDF and melamine can be transformed effortlessly. Doors, window frames, radiators – we’ve got you covered. 


Pick your palette

While the fun colours of the Playfulness palette are perfect for creating rooms full of energy, sometimes you want your spaces to evoke other emotions…

The Adventurous palette

Create a sense of adventure with a bold palette that makes any space feel like outer space.

The Escapism palette

Recreate that ‘out-of-office’ vibe with a relaxed palette that helps you get away from it all.

The Relaxation palette

Retreat to your own personal sanctuary with a serene palette that’s blissfully peaceful.

With the power to create rooms full of joy and feeling, a tin of Dulux Simply Refresh opens a world of possibilities, however you want to feel in your home.

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