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Be bold with the Adventurous palette 

Make any space feel like outer space with a bold palette that’s as free-spirited as you are – creating a sense of adventure from the comfort of home.

Don’t take small steps. Take a leap of faith and go boldly into your next big adventure. Try something new. Be creative. Dare to dream. This is the Adventurous palette, which inspires you to go with your gut and do something different.  

It's about being a bit braver – when the sky really is the limit.  

Tell your story

Bold and free-spirited, our Adventurous palette has been created to give you the courage of your convictions, inspiring you to make the most of every moment. With these colours, you can finally be the hero of your story, and tell it as it’s meant to be told. Consider the confident hues as support acts to your leading role: charismatic Decadent Damson, Pressed Petal and Wild Wonder combine to spectacular effect.   

Recharge your living room

In this living room, we’ve used just two colours from the palette to create a distinctive space, painting warm Wild Wonder on the wall as a neutral backdrop; and deep Decadent Damson on the door and skirting as a bold accent. Here, Dulux Simply Refresh One Coat was used to add colour to the wall quickly and easily, while Dulux Simply Refresh Multi-surface was used to prime and paint the woodwork at the same time. The effect? A room for recharging and entertaining – laid-back but luxurious – and somewhere to plan your next big adventure. 


Dial up the drama

Why not brush up on your skills and try the Adventurous palette for yourself? White will never go out of style – it’s timeless and on-trend – but sometimes a bolder shade can transform a space and how you feel in it (swipe to style it up!). Here, we’ve given pale walls a makeover with glowing Wild Wonder in Dulux Simply Refresh One Coat teamed with a door frame in rich Decadent Damson using Dulux Simply Refresh Multi-surface, all achieved effortlessly. Better still, we’ve extended Decadent Damson onto the wall surrounding the door frame, simply by switching to Dulux Simply Refresh Feature Wall. The contrast between the warm neutral and the deep violet is pure drama. A space not just for sleeping, but dreaming, too. 

Spotlight on

Make life easy with 2-in-1 Dulux Simply Refresh Multi-surface – both water-based and quick-drying. It preps and primes at the same time, providing even coverage and brilliant colour on bare or previously-painted surfaces, including wood, metal, MDF and melamine. 

Pick your palette

While the bold and free-spirited colours of the Adventurous palette empower your choices, sometimes you want your home to evoke other feelings…

The Escapism palette

Recreate that ‘out-of-office’ vibe with a relaxed palette that helps you get away from it all.

The Playfulness palette

Live in the moment with a fun palette that’s fizzing with energy.   

The Relaxation palette

Retreat to your own personal sanctuary with a serene palette that’s blissfully peaceful.

With the power to create rooms full of joy and feeling, a tin of Dulux Simply Refresh opens a world of possibilities, however you want to feel in your home.

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