Dulux Visualiser

Instantly visualise this colour on your walls

Dive in with the Escapism palette 

Get that ‘out-of-office’ feeling – even from your desk – with a relaxed palette that’s pure escapism.

Come on in… the water’s lovely. Shut your eyes and imagine shimmering blue waters lapping at the shore. It’s so clear you can see the bottom where coral sits on the seabed and fish swim in the currents. On land, there’s nothing but lush palms and golden sands as far as the eye can see. It’s a holiday from home, where your laptop has been switched off, calls have been diverted, and it’s all about kicking-back and having fun. This is the Escapism palette, which takes you far, far away from the stresses and strains of everyday life.   

Go on – make a splash. 

Paint your paradise

Seriously laid-back, our Escapism palette encourages you to get away from it all, evoking all the exoticism of a five-star hotel where you’re the only guest. You may never want to check-out. The breezy colours in the palette – Teal Voyage, Tranquil Dawn and White Cotton – will help you paint your own paradise quickly and easily. 

Create an oasis

No reservations are required when it’s your own private resort you’re checking-in to. Here, we’ve opened the door to a world of possibilities by painting refreshing Teal Voyage onto the door and skirting using Dulux Simply Refresh Multi-surface, which primes and paints at the same time. Its 2-in-1 formula couldn’t be more effortless. Then, we’ve turned the walls from drab to fab using breezy White Cotton in Dulux Simply Refresh One Coat, framing the woodwork and making it pop. Boho accessories – such as a jute rug and tropical plant – add to the holiday vibe. The result? A tropical oasis you’ll never want to leave. 


Evoke an escape

Get your paintbrush out and discover the transformative power of the Escapism palette for yourself. Here, we’ve paired Tranquil Dawn and White Cotton on the walls using Dulux Simply Refresh One Coat, its quick and easy formula working instant magic in a single coat. Elsewhere, we’ve used Dulux Simply Refresh Multi-surface on the skirting (swipe to style it up!). Evoking all the essence of an island hideaway, the shades combine to create a sunny sanctuary, allowing you to drift off and dream…

Spotlight on

The secret to transforming your surfaces? Dulux Simply Refresh Multi-surface. Its clever formula primes and paints at the same time, providing even coverage and brilliant colour on bare or previously-painted surfaces, including wood, metal, MDF and melamine. Plus, it’s water-based and quick-drying to boot. 


Pick your palette

While the fun colours of the Playfulness palette are perfect for creating rooms full of energy, sometimes you want your spaces to evoke other emotions…

The Adventurous palette

Create a sense of adventure with a bold palette that makes any space feel like outer space.

The Playfulness palette

Live in the moment with a fun palette that’s fizzing with energy.   

The Relaxation palette

Retreat to your own personal sanctuary with a serene palette that’s blissfully peaceful.

With the power to create rooms full of joy and feeling, a tin of Dulux Simply Refresh opens a world of possibilities, however you want to feel in your home.

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