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red living room
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Red Living Room Inspiration

Red is a warm, rich shade perfect for living rooms, creating a cosy and inviting feel. It’s easy to pair with any neutrals and can be combined with other bright tones for a unique, contrasting look. Whether you prefer primary red, dark burgundy, or muted terracotta, find paint colours you love at Dulux. 

Immerse yourself in rich and subtle shades of red

Transform your living room into a inviting space with a dash of red

Add a bold touch to your home interior with a bright red living room. This vibrant, uplifting shade is the perfect choice for a feature wall, while a dark red living room makes the space feel luxurious and atmospheric. With our red living room ideas, you're sure to find inspiration to suit your taste. Discover our tips, tricks, and handy FAQs that will help you find your perfect shade. 

Red Living Room Inspiration

Whether you want to make a statement with block red walls or introduce striking accents with red living room décor, we have plenty of inspiration at Dulux. Explore these helpful design articles to find red living room colour schemes that will complement your home interior.  

Red Shades for your Living Room

Red is a stand-out shade that’s guaranteed to make your living room a focal point in your home. It’s versatile and timeless, and it can be paired with white or neutrals for maximum impact, letting the warmth and richness of your chosen colour shine.  

If you have a small living room with little natural light, why not embrace the darkness with a grey and red living room or a red and black living room? Alternatively, create contrast by pairing red with other primary colours, whether you’re looking for blue and red colour schemes for living rooms or red and yellow colour palettes for a more dramatic look. Discover the best red colour schemes for living rooms here, including bright hues and deeper tones.


Episode 1 The red colour palette

Let's Colour Podcast 001: The Red Colour Palette

For more red kitchen ideas, check out the Red Colour Palette episode of our Let’s Colour Podcast to learn more about this impactful shade and how to use it throughout your home.  

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