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Colour Lookbook: Create A Statement Space in Your Home With a Pop of Pink Paint

The colour pink is part of the red family – a tint of primary red mixed with white. Yet when it comes to interior design, pink paint is breaking away from the pack.

No longer a colour that has to stay within the confines of a girl’s bedroom, pink paint is proving it deserves a place in every room of your home. With the right shade of blush pink paint or dusky pink paint you can design a stylish, sophisticated space for grown-ups too.

Pink is also a versatile colour and has lots of feel-good properties. So, whether you want to create a playful room or a peaceful retreat, it’s time to rethink pink.

Two takeaway tips: pairing pink paint

Half the battle when painting with pink is choosing complementary colours. If you think pink wall paint is too feminine, pair it with warm neutrals or darker shades to give it a unisex appeal. Or you can pair pink with bold colours, like yellow or green, to give your space a contemporary look and feel.

Here are 6 creative and trendy ways to use pink paint in your home:


1. Say it with a stripe

If you want to add interest and impact to your space, a ceiling stripe will make a bold statement. And choosing a dusky pink paint with white as the base, will make the room feel intimate and romantic too. It goes to show that pink doesn’t have to be sickly sweet, muted tones like Pressed Petal can give your room a grown-up and modern feel.


2. Find the perfect balance

Next time you’re decorating your bathroom, think pink. Using a soft, subtle hue like Blush Pink in the place where you pamper will evoke a sense of calm and bring a stillness to the room. We used contrasting dark grey paint, Urban Obsession, on the skirting boards to balance the feminine feel, so everyone can enjoy some me-time.


3. Layer your living room

To make the most of pink in your family’s favourite room, why not try the tone-on-tone trend? We painted the walls and woodwork in the same shade of Soft Stone. Layering a room in a neutral colour that has a hint of pink not only creates a warm and welcoming space, it will work well with any décor theme of your choice.


4. Dress up your door and skirting boards

You’ll also find that pink wood paint is having a moment. Painting your doors and skirting boards in pink is a simple way to make your woodwork the stand-out feature of a room. Just be sure to use the right paint. Dulux Quick Dry Satinwood will work wonders for your wooden doors and comes in this lovely shade of Pretty Pink.

If you’re looking for tips on how to paint a door, watch this video from Dr Dulux.

5. Have fun in the kitchen

Want to liven up the heart of your home? Give your kitchen a little lift with pops of pink paint. If you don’t have a lot of time to spare, this idea can be easily achieved in a weekend. Instead of a total transformation, we painted individual kitchen cabinets and shelving in vibrant pinks to energise your home’s hardest-working room.

For this kitchen, we used 5 different colours of pink paint:

Mineral Haze

Fire Cracker 4

Party Surprise 1

Russian Velvet 4

Summer Surprise 1

Remember, Quick Dry Satinwood is the best way to get a long-lasting finish when painting woodwork. Plus, you can have your pick of vibrant shades from our selection of colours to be mixed.

Painting kitchen cabinets can seem like a tricky task, but with our help you can achieve great results first time. Watch this video for top tips.

6. Upgrade your bedroom look

Pink paint colours for bedrooms are becoming increasingly popular – and we’re not just talking about pretty girls bedrooms. You can add a grown-up twist to your décor with deep, dark shades of pink. Here we decorated the walls and ceiling in stripes of Chocolate Fountain and Tranquil Dawn, then chose an almost burgundy shade of Dark Garnet for the main section. As you can see, with the right tone of pink, you can create an elegant space in sleep in. 


Whether you’re after blush pink bedroom ideas or bright pink kitchen inspiration, find more ways to create a statement space with pink paint here. Or explore our range of pinks and pick the perfect shade for you.

Looking for more pink paint inspiration? Discover stylish pink room designs with our red and pink decorating ideas.

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