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Using Types of Red in Your Home

Unsure about the types of red and how to use them in your home? We've got you covered with our red paint combination tips and red home décor ideas. Read on for more.


Be daring with your decorating ideas and learn how to introduce different types of red into your home to enhance the energy, excitement and passion in your life.

Seeing red


From Chinese lanterns to Father Christmas, red has many connotations. It’s the colour of the carpet celebrities stand on when they pose for the camera, and the colour of lipstick at its most seductive. A brilliant colour that signifies courage, it can turn your home into a bold statement when using different red paint combinations in your decorating scheme. Experiment with different red home décor ideas to create warm, cosy and stimulating spaces, and combine with muted caramels and chocolate browns to transform a room into a hearty cocoon.

Shades of red

Many types of red are found in nature, from soft summer berries, to the blush of an apple, or the crimson hues of autumn leaves. So whatever room you are painting, take inspiration from the natural world and consider all shades of the red colour palette. Think about how the shades you choose will affect your overall scheme, and pay particular attention to the finish you want to achieve. A matte in Roasted Red or Fire Cracker from Dulux will give the red walls in your living room an understated look, while this lively Red Stallion in gloss will turn any room into an exotic space. You can add extra personality to your red walls by painting accessories, from side tables to plant pots, in a warm Cherished Gold using these easy DIY decorating ideas. Download the Dulux Visualizer App and use it as you wander around to choose your colours with confidence. See how different red paints work before you commit with these mess-free Dulux Colour Testers.

Red in the bedroom


Red is the universal colour of love – think red roses on Valentine’s Day – and can be a beautiful colour in the bedroom. Paint a vibrant red accent wall behind your bed with a Dulux Cranberry Crunch and watch your room burst into life, or tone things down and pair with a muted Goose Down grey for a touch of sophistication. Alternatively, pair a vivid Salsa Red with black for a look that was all the rage in the elegant Art Deco age.

Autumnal tones marry well with wood. So if you have wooden furniture, or wooden floors in your bedroom, but you’re not quite ready to go for a fully-red room, use red accessories and throw down an Oriental rug for a regal look, or place a red vase of fresh flowers on a dresser set against an Egyptian Cotton wall. You can transform your bed with a sophisticated scarlet duvet and pillows, and add scatter cushions in geometric patterns to introduce texture and balance. 

Subtle shades of grey will bring everything together in your red-themed bedroom for a warm and balanced look that still allows the red in your rugs and pillows to pop.

Hot red kitchen


Your cooking space is may already be alive with natural reds, from fiery chilli peppers and plump plums, to bowls of ripe tomatoes. Complement these hues and enhance the look by using the grease proof Dulux Easycare Kitchen range to give your kitchen the red treatment. Combine red walls and white trim by painting an accent wall in brilliant Pepper Red, contrasted with crisp White Cotton. Then, step back and admire how amazing red and white can be when they get together for a dinner party.


Now it’s time to match your accessories. From frying pans and food mixers to measuring spoons and spatulas, kitchen utensils come in a range of bold colours that will have you eager to use those pots and pans.

Red in the living room


As a richly pigmented, warm-toned colour that tends to advance and make walls seem closer, red is the perfect starting point for your living room colour combinations. To turn a living room into a cosy space where you’ll want to hunker down with a good book, watch a movie, or relax with the family, experiment with different red paint combinations. The autumnal tones of rich red Monarch will give your room depth when paired with the softer tones of Dusted Damson. Blue and red are always on trend, and a dark Breton Blue can mellow a room when combined with small doses of red to give it an almost stately air. 

Red absorbs light and tricks the mind into believing the room is smaller and cosier than it actually is. In some experiments, people have estimated the temperature in a room painted red as six degrees centigrade higher than in a blue room. So not only will red walls in the living room make the room cosier…they will also stop the family from turning up the heating! Now, that’s the way to see red.

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