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Dulux Orange Painted Living Room Walls With Grey Sofa And White Flooring And Décor
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Orange Paint Inspiration

Lively, zesty and refreshing, orange paint is a fantastic way to bring your home to life. If you love the idea of orange wall paint but you're unsure how to make it work in your home, then our orange paint inspiration page will provide you with all the ideas and tips you need.

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Bring your home to life with orange

Whether you're looking to add a splash of orange to your bedroom, living room, kitchen or bathroom, let us help you find the perfect orange emulsion paint or orange gloss paint for your project. The orange colour palette pairs surprisingly well with a variety of other colours too, and we'll show you how to make these colour pairings work best in your home.

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Orange Colour Shades

From dark, earthy tones to hues reminiscent of peaches and cream, the different shades of orange will have different effects in your home. Think about how you want the room to look and feel -  do you want it to be bright and bold, warm and cosy or calm and muted? Explore the Dulux orange colour chart to see which orange paint colours jump out at you.

Dark Oranges

Dark orange paint comes in a range of hues, from autumnal burnt orange paint that feels luxurious and warm to bright orange paint that is zesty, energising and bold. Try a brick red paint for an industrial look, or turn to Dulux Copper Blush for an earthy tone inspired by nature. Be as conservative or as liberal as you like when painting with dark orange - we're always supportive of bold expression, but dark orange in moderation works wonderfully too.

Light Oranges

For an effect that is both calming and energising, light orange paint is the way to go. Orange is known to promote general wellness, and perhaps no shades more so than Dulux Soft Peach, Soft Coral and Apricot Crush, reminiscent of hazy summer days when you haven't a care in the world.

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