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Dr Dulux: How to Find the Right Shade of Grey

Call off the search for the best grey - this guide will lead you to your perfect match.


Q: 'There are so many greys to choose from out there so how do I choose the best grey for my room?'

A: Grey is the go-to shade for stylish spaces because it works with everything and so we can use it with confidence in any room no matter what our style is. Greys live in colour families that help you choose which one will be perfect for the space and the mood you want to create. Choose by tone: light greys or dark greys and by visual temperature: warm greyscool greys and true greys


Cool Greys

Cool greys are perfect for south facing rooms and rooms with lots of natural light. They create a crisp sophisticated modern look and help to make small spaces appear brighter. Our 4 most popular cool greys are: Warm PewterGoose DownCoastal Grey and Rock Salt. Team cool grey with Pure Brilliant White or Rock Salt on the skirting boards and doors or paint the walls and woodwork in the same grey for a seamless modern look. 


Warm Greys

Warm greys work best in north facing rooms, big open plan spaces and rooms you are going to use more at night. They create a relaxed cosy atmosphere and work well with wood and natural leather. Our 4 most popular warm greys are: Pebble ShorePerfectly TaupeMisty Mountain and Thimble Case.

Team warm greys with White Cotton on the skirting boards, doors and window frames or paint the walls and woodwork in the same grey for a seamless modern look. 


True Grey

Some people argue that all greys are the same..... but we know they are not. Most greys have a hint of colour in them which gives them distinct personalities and helps us to choose the best grey for the rooms we are decorating. True grey is a simple mix of black and white and no other colour added. At Dulux we have a collection of true greys shades which will look great in any room. Our 4 most popular true greys are Chic ShadowPolished PebbleUrban Obsession and Night Jewels 3.


Greys are the best team players

Grey is a beautiful colour on its own but it also works so well with every other colour because it's the ultimate neutral. This is brilliant if you like grey - but don't want to have it on every wall. Explore colours that work with grey like Concrete GreySpiced Honey and Vintage Smoke



See which grey looks best in your home by downloading the free Dulux Visualiser App. Once you've found your perfect shade, order your roller tester to be delivered straight to your door!

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