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Dr Dulux: 7 uses for Leftover Paint

Waste not, want not. Put surplus paint to good use with Dr Dulux's original tips.


Q: I’ve been re-decorating and have ended up with lots of leftover paint. It seems a waste to throw it all out. Do you have any advice on what to do with it, Dr Dulux? Rachel, Bath.

A: Don’t worry Rachel, there’s definitely no need to let leftover paint go to waste, especially if you’ve made some great colour choices. Here are my top five ways to use up old paint, just take your pick!


1. For a simple take on an art-inspired feature wall, tear along the sides of some old lining paper. Blend your leftover emulsion from top to bottom. Then, drip some water over the top to make a striking wall panel.

2. Paint pieces of old driftwood and attach to the wall for a unique, 3D installation.

3. You can use up leftovers from tester pots to paint over a boring cork pinboard. Use darker shades to create a striking background for your favourite photos, postcards and to-do lists.

4. Combine a few brush-fulls of leftover paint and transform a simple plant pot into an elegant, colourful piece of bespoke homeware.

5. Channel your inner artist and have fun dripping leftover paint onto a canvas. Who knows, it may be the start of your new artistic career – or, at the very least, will provide you with some fantastic artwork to hang on your freshly-painted walls. Take a look at our YouTube video

6. Add some new life to a wall by simply adding shapes and patterns - see our feature on how to add circles to a wall.

7. Upcycle furniture in whole or in part - read more here or watch our video on creating dipped effect chair legs.


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