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Changing Rooms: all you need to know about episode 3

This week’s two makeovers in Leeds were a masterclass in room zoning, super-creative paint effects, cat-inspired décor and design terminology (were we the only ones Googling “Macassar”?). Keep reading to relive this episode’s best moments and to hear the jokes, colour palettes and paint techniques we loved the most.

Room 1: Ulterior Violet

The room:
The living room belonging to Pauline and Lily, a mum and daughter who both loved Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen’s sultry design and texture play: shiny polished furniture teamed with a regal velvet sofa and fuzzy carpet.

Laurence’s inspiration: a little bit of Art Deco fused with a few trademark LLB maximalist flourishes.

The colour scheme: A dark feature “timber wall” in Rich Black, Morrocan Flame and Vandyke, and a symphony of painted panelling in blues elsewhere: Free Dive, Regal Silk, Striking Cyan, Electric Storm and Delft China.

What we learned: Laurence insisted that adding black to some of the walls would open up the space. We didn’t believe him – until we watched as the room’s curvy room divider in ebony and the other dark “wood” panels in the room worked to anchor the room and give it more more depth. Please excuse us while we rethink everything we thought we knew about making a room look bigger.

Biggest surprise: How easy it is to create a marbled effect with paint *stares meaningfully at plain glass vase on the mantelpiece*. And with an easy-to-follow video and how-to guide, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get stuck in!

Best quote: Laurence alluding to some unusual sound effects on set: “Apologies for the creaks – it’s the leather trousers.”

Made by Marianne: For Dulux Creative Director Marianne Shillingford, there’s more than one way to work LLB’s colour palette: “The palette of striking blues and violets used in Pauline’s home makeover certainly added some energy into her living space, with vivid Free Dive taking centre stage on the walls and painted 3-D panelling effect used on top. If you are looking for something a little less vibrant there are some fabulous blue/teal alternatives in the new Simply Refresh range. Try Teal Tension for an injection of bold colour, but with more added warmth than the sharp cobalt tones of Free Dive. Proud Peacock also packs a punch if - like Pauline - you love those jewel tones and both of these feature colours work beautifully with the added accents of violet."

Room 2: Hear Me Roar

The room:
Amanda and Rachel’s living room, a dreamy, relaxing space with layers of pale, earthy colours that both mum and daughter love.

Jordan and Russell’s vision: A stylish Kardashian-infused Los Angeles look (with a little dash of Catwoman). This translated to a warm but airy space, punctuated with notes of pink and a swirly, dark beige paint effect that trails up the wall and on to the ceiling.

The colour scheme: One coat of Simply Refresh in Natural Hessian was all it took to transform the walls. The same shade was used on the woodwork, along with Summer Linen on the ceiling, while one of our favourite soft browns, Brave Ground, along with Cherry Plum and Iced Gem, added a playful flourish to the room.

What we learned: You can use paint to make a corner of a room feel special, like the cosy reading corner Russell & Jordan created with Brave Ground (even if, like us, you end up scrolling your phone instead of reading Great Expectations). See how to carve out a special nook for yourself with our how-to video on creating a feature corner here, featuring Georgie, one of our star Dulux Select Decorators from the show.

The project we’ll leave to the professionals: The gorgeous large-scale, plywood canvas that brings all the colours of the room together; it’s a task that requires a good eye and a steady hand. If you want to add some artistry to your room, our Dulux Select Decorators program can hook you up with a professional decorator with a specialism in murals or other techniques.

Best quote: Jordan, when the design duo’s scheme starts to come together: “Almost like we planned it.”

Made by Marianne: “We loved the use of subtly layered neutrals in Amanda’s living space – who said beige was boring!? Natural Hessian provided the perfect cosy backdrop to earthy accents of darker Brave Ground in the corner feature and up the wall in Russell and Jordan’s ‘organic painted swirl’ effect. Painting freehand in this way can be a lovely way to add texture and interest, but it’s a big risk if it all goes horribly wrong. The advice here: practise, practise, practise! If it’s just not working, perhaps consider adding a wall and ceiling stripe instead in a tonal colour – that’s one from the same colour family but slightly darker or lighter. In the show, Russell & Jordan do this with a shot of Iced Gem which we think looks lovely.”

Don’t miss the next episode on Channel 4 on Wednesday at 8pm - or stream this week’s show here.

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