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Hallway Ideas Using Neutral Colour Schemes

Warm neutrals and olive green lend an inviting mood to this entrance hall.


The hallway is where first impressions are created when guests enter your home, so filling it with warm colours will allow you to create a welcoming space the minute they do. Warm paint colours can sometimes make a small space seem smaller, so make sure that your hallway colours are light and complimentary of each other, so they can create brightness where there is little.

Neutral colour schemes don’t have to be bland, so long as you used a variety of textures and fabrics in your furnishings. Rattan and wood furniture and storage solutions are perfect additions to a neutral paint scheme, adding layers of complimentary tones to the space.

Going bold in your paint choices will also add a pop of personality into the entrance way, so try using contrasting shades to colour block areas of the space – and if it’s a smaller space, a white ceiling will make walls seem taller than they are, and won’t crowd the area.

If your hallway ideas don’t include bold colours, then olive greens layered with warm neutrals is a safe yet contemporary solution. As there tends to be little room for furniture in a hallway, these earthy tones can help add depth that wooden furniture usually would, while allowing a foundation for complimentary rugs, décor, and wall decoration.

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