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The Weekend Project - Rethink Your Hallway

Rethink Your Hallway and Guarantee a Grand Entrance

We all know that first impressions are everything, so make sure yours count. The hallway is usually the first thing you, and friends, see when coming through the front door, so a quick freshen up can make a huge difference to your home décor.



Traditionally small and narrow, the average hallway often lacks space and light, so select a shade such as White Mist to open it up. With a clean slate to work with, you’re then free to add a unique flourish, which is where painting the ceiling (if you’ve got a long weekend ahead), the door, its surrounds and a stripe down one wall comes in.

Opt for a soothing paint, such as Mineral Mist, to keep things fresh and create a subtle coastal style in the process. Not only does the stripe look striking, but it highlights coat hooks fixed to the wall and the chic fabrics hanging from them.


You’ll Need


1. Sandpaper and cleaning brush

2. Roller tray

3. 2 roller heads

4. 2 paintbrushes

5. Paints from colour palette

6. Stirring stick

7. Tape measure and pencil

8. String and chalk

9. Scissors


Keep Things on Track


2 hours (+ drying). Clear the hall. Use Polycell Polyfilla to fill any cracks or holes in the surfaces you’re painting, then gently sand and clean. Leave to dry. Give everything two coats of White Mist and allow to dry.


45 minutes. Mark up your stripe using our string-and-chalk technique (there are a few handy videos on our YouTube channel), then tape off the two lines measured.


2 hours (+ drying). Seal the inside edges of the tape by painting over them in White Mist, allow to dry and fill in the stripe with Mineral Mist.


1 hour (+ drying). Once dry, carefully remove the tape. Paint a wooden coat rack separately in Mineral Mist, then fix to the stripe. Finally, add a crisp finish by painting the skirting in Pure Brilliant White.


Looking to refresh your entrance? Make a start with our how to guide on how to paint an interior door. Keep things easy with our five simple steps to applying dulux quick dry and if you're having trouble deciding what finish to opt for discover our comprehensive guide on paint finishes.

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