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Five simple steps to applying Dulux Quick Dry

Using water-based paint is the easiest way to decorate your woodwork. Follow our simple advice to ace the task every time

Our best-ever formulation means you can freshen up skirting boards, doors, even furniture, in half the time it takes with oil-based paint.

Step one
Use a premium synthetic paintbrush for perfect application. (A natural bristle brush will soak up too much paint and distribute it too quickly; a roller will give an orange peel effect and could cause aeration, or bubbles.) You will also need a dust sheet, masking tape, sanding paper, a dry brush or vacuum cleaner and a cloth.

Step two
Start with the prep – this is the fiddliest part but, once it’s done, the job is simple. Carefully apply masking tape around the edges of the area you want to paint (e.g. walls, carpets), then lay down a dust sheet to keep mess to a minimum.


Step three
Lightly sand the area you’re painting using a fine grade paper. If the surface is damaged or extremely glossy, you might need to start with a slightly coarser grade, then move to the finer paper.

Step four
Remove any loose dust with the dry brush or vacuum cleaner, then wet the surface using a damp cloth – this helps water-based paint adhere to the surface and minimises brush marks.


Step five
Apply your paint in quick, smooth strokes, taking care not to overload the brush. The surface will be touch-dry in one hour. After six hours, apply a second coat and leave for a further six hours to dry.

And that’s it – job done in half the time it takes using an oil-based paint!

Expert Tip: Brushes can be cleaned with water alone, making the clean-up process much easier than with oil-based paint, but rinse every two to three hours to prevent paint from drying at the base of the brush.


Visit our dedicated interior woodwork section for more inspiration and how to guides.

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