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My Colour Story: I turned my bedroom into a tranquil oasis  

The rooms on interior designer Justin Coakley’s Instagram feed @design_at_nineteen feature subtle, muted colours, textured furnishings and beautifully considered accessories. They’re proof that “understated” doesn’t have to mean boring, which is why we asked him to bring some of his Calm Curator style to this bedroom. See how he masters the art of calming interiors, via Simply Refresh and a clever painted canopy – watch our video and keep scrolling for more details. 

The calm curator style  

After a busy day on the move, coming home to a space that feels quiet and considered will help you switch into relaxed mode. Justin agrees: “I do love bright pops of colour, but my own environment needs to be quite muted and pared-back. I like my space to be more cocooning and calm.” 

But creating a calm atmosphere isn’t just about painting your room in floor-to-ceiling white. Instead, Justin bathed the space in warmer neutrals, playing the subtle tones of Simply Refresh one-coat Egyptian Cotton and White Cotton off against each other. “I definitely think that muted colours do affect your mood and how you feel,” he says. “They give that calming, zen, relaxed feel to a space.” Bringing these subtly contrasting shades together also added depth and visual interest to the room. 

Creating a two-tone bedroom 

Justin extended the colour behind his bed on to the ceiling and part way along the adjacent walls. “It really defines the space around the bed and at the same time, it creates a canopy,” he explains. While Egyptian Cotton is a go-to paint colour for a traditional look, this paint effect gives it a spin that feels totally on-trend. 

White Cotton, a crisper, cleaner white, is the perfect counterpart, creating just enough contrast while still maintaining the wonderfully low-key vibe of the room. Both colours are hero shades from the Simply Refresh One Coat range that Justin will snap up again. “I was very inspired at how easy it was to apply… I’ll definitely be using it in a spare bedroom next!”  

You can watch Justin’s #PaintItYourWay project on his Instagram page @design_at_nineteen. Or visit our hub to see how our influencers used Simply Refresh to bring their style to life in their home. 

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