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Create a Smart Study Room at Home

As back to school approaches, we've compiled top tips for creating the perfect study at home for your kids. Read on to discover our home study ideas.


Create a smarter study space at home


People with letters after their name have studied the effect a room can have on our emotions. It’s a known fact that the colour you decorate a room in can have a profound impact on the feelings it evokes. Whether you want to lift your child’s mood to prevent those back-to-school blues, spark creativity, or help them focus on their homework each night, keep colour in mind at all times to create a smarter study space.


Choose your colour


When creating a colour scheme for your home study, choose one that provides positive energy and feeds their imagination. Yellow is an energising colour – just think of the sun – which creates a happy atmosphere and is perfect for keeping your children focused on their homework. The amazing range of yellows by Dulux are sure to inspire you and give you food for thought when it comes to ideas for your home study. Be bold with Lemon Punch, a vibrant citrus shade that will keep your child’s energy levels up while they study at home. 

Bring the sunshine in with bold Sunny Day, or for something softer, Lemon Pie makes a sunny statement in the morning, yet is calm enough to encourage a good night’s rest – vital to recharge their minds for the next day’s lessons.


You don’t have to leave everything to chance. The Dulux Visualizer App brings state-of-the-art technology to your fingertips wherever you are, so you cantake inspiration from the world around you. Use the app to get the closest match from over 1,200 Dulux colours, and then see your home study room layout live to save as a photo or video.


Purchase your decorating essentials


If you are new to the decorating game and you don’t know where to start when it comes to decorating your own home study, follow this advice and you’ll be painting like a pro. Preparation is key – get it right and the job is half done! Now that you have decided on the colour, make a shopping list of all your decorating essentials. As well as a paint brush for painting the edges of your walls, you’ll need a roller with a tray to fill in the large canvas in between. A primer is recommended, along with a sponge and masking tape to create a professional finish. You’ll need a sheet to protect your floor and furniture – old bed sheets work well here – along with Polyfilla to fill any holes left by hooks and nails.


Prepare and paint


Remove as much furniture as you can and cover what remains with a protective sheet. Fill any holes in the wall with a small amount of filler on the edge of a scraper. Then get rid of any excess by holding the scraper against the wall at an angle. Once the filler is dry, wash your walls with a damp sponge and some sugar soap. You are now ready to paint and see your home study come to life in a matter of hours.

Start by painting the edges with your brush, and then grab your roller to fill in the rest. Give the whole wall a single coat by making diagonal V motions. You’ll have plenty of time to rest while your first coat dries before you repeat the process after about five to six hours. Remember to leave the second coat of paint to dry before you hang any wall art or move the furniture back in for the finishing touches.


Add the accessories


While paint is important, it’s not the end of your back to school ideas. Accessories will add personality to your project and create a home study that your children will want to use time and again. If you are short of space, you can be smart with the layout of your home study. A combo desk with shelves from IKEA could be the solution to get them hungry to study at home. Get creative with wall art with this map of the world that makes geography fun. These geometric Iso Hooks from Nest are a great place to hang up a school tie, while a mini-chest will add a dash of colour and is perfect for storing small essentials like pencils and notebooks. As reading is an essential part of the learning process, create a nook where you can unleash your imagination with painted wall art


Pack their bags


The day has come to send them back to school and you’ll want to kit them out with the best classroom essentials you can afford. Add personality to their pencil case with a collection of glitter pencils from Ryman, and put a smile on their face with a stylish notebook and food-inspired pencil set from I am A. Make lunch break a talking point with a retro LEGO lunch box, easily stored in a stylish vintage school bag.

Looking for more inspiration for your back to school ideas? Check out these Six Creative Study Spaces for Kids.

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