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Paint by Numbers

Paint by Numbers

Recreate a rainbow arc for a pretty cool kids’ room


Turn a child’s space from drab to fab with a rainbow arc. It provides a magical backdrop to any bedroom particularly when each colour is a soft pastel. Anyone can do it too, as we demonstrate in our easy step-by-step guide below. A nice extra touch is the storm cloud – achieved with a simple sponging method using a mix of grey and white. For a fairy-tale finish, add a statement bed with a plush duvet, a rainbow shelf and a unicorn complete with multi-coloured mane. All that’s missing is that pot of gold…

You’ll Need:

1. Dust sheet

2. Paint from colour palette

3. Stirring stick

4. Roller and tray

5. Small paintbrush

6. Tape measure and pencil

7. String and scissors

8. Drawing pin and chalk

9. Sponge

10. Masking Tape

Step by Step:

1. Paint the wall in White Mist. Measuring from the corner of the wall, a short way above the skirting, decide how far across the arc will go; add 5cm and cut string to this length.

Paint the wall

2. Tie a piece of coloured chalk to one end of the string and secure a drawing pin at the other end.

Paint the wall

3. Press the pin into the corner of the wall. Pull the string tight and use this to guide the first arc, moving the chalk from the corner edge down to the top of the skirting.

Paint the wall

4. Shorten the length of the string by small increments to draw five more arcs, repeating step 3.

Paint the wall

5. Using a small brush, paint each arc of the rainbow in a different pastel colour, painting along the chalk lines first, then filling in.

Paint the wall

6. Draw a cloud shape at the bottom of the arc and paint with Polished Pebble. Sponge on White Mist to create the cloud effect.

Paint the wall
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