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Ideas for Grey Living Rooms

Tips and ideas for creating a gorgeous grey living room.


Love the idea of a grey living room but not sure where to start?

Transform your living room with wall-to-wall soft greys or get artistic with geometric shapes -with our grey living room ideas, tips and helpful FAQs, find your perfect grey.

Our grey living room guide can help you to decide which grey colour scheme is the one for you so your grey lounge ideas can become a reality.

Why is grey a good idea for your living room?


From laid-back vibes to an air of sophistication, the multitude of grey hues means there's a shade for everyone.

The on-trend and most versatile neutral is ideal for any interior design - working well with both muted tones and vibrant shades to create every atmosphere. 

Grey can create a warm and cosy space as easily as a cool and elegant one - whether it's layering shades of the same palette, or combining different colours for a vintage feel. 

To many, grey may seem an odd choice for a living room, however the different shades can transform a room in many different ways.  For a light and airy feel, light greys or cool neutrals can open up how a room feels, especially if the room is north facing or natural light is limited, whilst at the other end of the spectrum are darker and warmer neutrals.

It is also important to consider the furnishings. Are you planning to coordinate the paint colour to go with existing sofas, settees or curtains, or are you starting with a blank canvas?

The latter will certainly give you creative flexibility, but don't worry if your colour scheme is half-decided - with our colour matching tools we'll help you find the right grey to complement your living room.

What is the colour and material of the flooring? A light coloured flooring may enable you to use a darker shade of grey on the walls; conversely a darker carpet may warrant light grey wall paint. In a similar fashion, the floor material will influence the amount of light bounced around.

Although the walls and ceiling will be the biggest expanses of colour in your living room, the impact can be greatly enhanced by the colour of fixtures such as skirting boards, doors and radiators. It doesn't have to be a traditional pure white - contrasting dark or light grey paint can give a modern home a contemporary look.


Need some grey living room ideas?


 Take a look at our Greys hub featuring colours and inspirational imagery for the home.

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Ready to pick grey?


Start browsing different grey colours and building your colour scheme by reading the following guides:

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