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Can You Answer My Burning Questions?

Dr Dulux Answers Your Questions


We lift the lid on our archive to discover the most commonly asked decorating questions and reveal the answers you’ve been waiting for.

Q: My paint always yellows over time. How can I ensure surfaces stay looking new?
A: User water-based paint like Dulux Quick Dry in a glosssatinwood or eggshell finish. Because water-based paint doesn’t contain alkyd resin, it doesn’t go yellow as it ages, so you can expect colour that lasts.


Q: I’d love to refresh a few pieces of old furniture. What’s the best paint to buy?
A: Not only is Dulux Quick Dry Satinwood specifically formulated for woodwork like skirting, doors and windows, it’s perfect for wooden furniture too. Better still, the paint comes in 750ml tins, meaning you won’t have lots left over.


Q: We’ve got kids and pets, so walls always get messy with hand-and-paw-prints. What paint would you recommend?
A: Dulux Easycare Washable & Tough is designed with mess firmly in mind. It features stain-repellent technology that makes spills and marks easy to wipe away without damaging the paint or surface.

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