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Dr Dulux: What order to paint a room in

It’s easy to revamp your room when you know how. We walk
you through it, step by step

Before popping open your tin of paint, it’s important that all the surfaces you’ll be painting are in good condition. You may need to do a bit of sanding and filling of any cracks or holes. If your ceiling is cracked, use Polycell Crack-free Ceilings and for walls or window frames use Polyfilla for great results.


1. Ceilings

Once any repairs you’ve made are dried and smooth, you’re ready to paint. So carefully climb up your ladder and cut in along the ceiling with a brush. Next, ditch the ladder and use a roller attached to an extension pole to paint the rest of the ceiling. Dulux Magic White is great for ceilings because it goes on pink before quickly fading to white, so you never miss a spot.


2. Walls


Cut in around the edges of your walls with a brush, working from top to bottom, then switch to using a roller for the main part of the wall and a long-handled mini-roller to get behind any radiators. For busy parts of the home, Dulux Easycare is a stain-repellent and washable paint that stays looking good for longer.


3. Windows and doors


Apply two coats of your woodwork paint, allowing it to dry in-between. Save time and trouble with self-undercoating Dulux Quick Dry for woodwork and metal.


4. Skirting


Fill and sand back any cracks, then mask off where the wall meets the skirting. Next, apply two coats of your woodwork paint, allowing it to dry in-between.


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