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Dr Dulux - How to create a luxurious hotel-style bedroom

When you think of a hotel bedroom, your mind might be instantly drawn to comfortable beds draped with luxurious bedding, plush carpets that your feet sink into or comfy armchairs that form cosy reading spots in the corner of the room. Or maybe, just maybe, you immediately think about colour schemes.

What unites most hotel bedrooms is the sense of coherence within their décor, with walls, furniture and accessories all complementing one another. When it comes to recreating this in your own home, the first place to start is with your walls. Do you want a bedroom that oozes opulence, quirkiness, minimalism or something in between? You might want to start with neutrals, or you might want to make a bigger statement.

From chic neutrals to bold and bright tones, read on for four boutique bedroom ides and tips on how to use paint to create a hotel-inspired bedroom.

1. Enhance your space with neutrals

Create a statement wall

A common theme of hotel bedrooms is neutral tones. It’s no surprise, given how calming and soothing they are, helping you to relax after a long day and fall into a peaceful sleep. Needless to say, you can go for one neutral tone applied liberally to all your walls, but why not make things interesting with a feature wall comprising several shades of complementary neutral hues? Here we’ve used the warm shades of Caramel Sand 4, Polished Pebble, Vanilla Mist 1, Dove Slate and Porcelain Doll.

Use Dulux Easycare paint to keep your pale-coloured paint looking its best for longer.

Add understated pieces of furniture, a statement floor lamp, sumptuous bedding in similar neutral hues and, of course, plenty of pillows and cushions for that oh-so-comfy hotel look.


2. Get creative with multiple colours

Create a statement wall

Have you ever stayed in a hotel room that feels almost like a work of art in its own right? Turn your own bedroom into a masterpiece by getting creative with your painting. Choose several colours that complement one another – here we’ve used Teal Tension, Dusted Fondant and Urban Obsession – and paint them in block sections on your wall, with dividing lines in a fourth colour to separate them.

Keep your furniture and soft furnishings understated, perhaps choosing to go all-white or with subtle accents of corresponding colour.


3. Paint a bold headboard

Create a statement wall

Nothing says luxury hotel room like a headboard, but you don’t have to splash out to get the look at home. Instead of forking out on an expensive upholstered or wooden version, why not paint your own? You could choose to paint a block-coloured square, like we’ve done in this room using Mineral Mist paired with neutral tones, or you could choose a curved shape or one featuring lines to mimic slats.

Add bedding in varied textures, plenty of decorative cushions, interesting lighting and you could even make your own window seat if the shape of your room allows.


4. Create a striking statement wall

Create a statement wall

For a boutique bedroom idea with added fun, choose a bright colour and paint a striking statement wall. Here we’ve used Citrus Zing, but you could try it with any bright shade. Use our visualizer app to help you choose the best colour for your bedroom!

Add neutral-coloured bedding, a cushion in the same colour as the wall, and a statement lamp in a contrasting but complementary colour for added playfulness.

Find more information on how to get a glamorous bedroom on a budget, or get inspired by this living room makeover for other room ideas.


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