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Glam Bedroom Decorating Ideas on a Budget

Are your luxury bedroom ideas too much for your wallet? With Dulux, decorating on a budget doesn't have to mean leaving dreams of a glam bedroom behind.m bedroom behind.


Do you want a bedroom that screams ‘glam’ without the luxury price tag? We’ve got you covered with fabulous ideas to achieve the look you want that won’t break the bank.

There’s nothing like the feeling of transforming your bedroom into a glamorous retreat that you deserve. It’s where you spend half your time, not only sleeping but as a sanctuary to return home to, kick off your shoes, and sink into pure relaxation. While the luxurious boudoirs from your dreams may look like they cost the earth, all you need are some simple glam bedroom ideas to create your own decadent haven on a budget.


The power of upcycling


Bedroom decorating tips on a budget start with upcycling. Reuse or repurpose what you’ve already got to add more value. The benefits are far-reaching and include a sustainable way to achieve that chic look while saving you money. So, your first step towards a glam bedroom is to put your creative hat on and take a good look at the items already in your room.

Consider reupholstering anything with fabric, such as cushions, chairs, and headboards, rather than buying new items. Chances are, you’ve got a cardboard box hiding under all those shoes in the cupboard. Cover it in glitzy material and store your treasures inside and display it as a statement piece. You could add Hollywood-style lights to a mirror, glittering pendants to a light fixture, or faux fur to the seat of a chair. But one of the most useful tools for upcycling is paint. From a tired wooden dressing table to a stylish bowl to keep your rings in, a coat of paint can take your old stuff from boring to ‘wow’ in an instant.


Glam bedroom colour schemes


A striking colour or two on your walls provides the perfect backdrop for luxury bedroom ideas. Certain tones scream glamour, so painted accents or feature walls might be all you need to transform your retreat into a luxury home. You can use these colours as a base to match your furniture and accessories. First, consider what kind of atmosphere you’re aiming for. Would you like your space to feel moody and mysterious, sophisticated, dramatic, romantic, or ultra-modern? Whichever way glamour speaks to you, there’s a colour to match.

Deep colours, like Dark Garnet, evoke romance and elegance, especially when combined with other jewel-inspired tones. Rich blues, such as Sapphire Salute, offer a touch of mystery to your design. They’re also a perfect match for the classic glam hue of Muted Gold, so consider a stylish two tone wall. For a relaxing environment with a large dose of sophistication, experiment with deep shades of teal, like a feature wall painted with Proud Peacock behind your headboard.


Creating statements with accessories


In terms of glamorous bedroom ideas, decorating with accessories is the icing on the cake. Along with adding visual appeal, use them to enhance or even dictate your colour scheme. For example, if you want to paint old furniture or items with deep, bright or primary tones, use luxurious neutral colours, like Timeless or Warm Pewter on the walls. This way, your accessories take centre stage in order to project glamour on a backdrop of pure sophistication. Along with furniture, make the most of carefully selected statement pieces to add polish to your room.

It’s all about you and your preferences, so choose personal items that make you feel good. After that, the chic design element is in the way you group and display them. Create vignettes on side tables to highlight small accessories, such as books, vases or candles in a single area. You could make your own artwork and dedicate an entire wall to it, or embrace different textures with cushions, throws and rugs for depth and visual interest. For a dramatic look, consider choosing one accent colour, like rich red for bedding, floor rugs and window treatments on an otherwise neutral backdrop.


Small bedroom decorating ideas on a budget


Decorating on a budget to achieve a glam bedroom in a tiny space is totally within your power. You don’t have to be boring and minimalistic; you just need to ensure it remains functional within the decadence you create. You may be surprised to learn that white walls are not the only solution to give the impression of space. Deep, luxurious tones of blue create the perception of depth, while a wall featuring stripes will direct the eye up or across to help a room appear higher or wider.

Mirrors are your best friend to further enhance a spacious, glamorous feel, but don’t just use them on your wall. Consider mirrored furniture and accessories to add that necessary sparkle. For storage, try high shelving to make the most of vertical space and leave enough room for a luxurious velvet occasional chair. If your room only fits one or two pieces of furniture other than your bed, make the most of them to up the glam factor. You could use a chest of draws to display an antique sculpture, an ornate mirror, or a blooming bouquet. Finally, hide any items that distract from the luxury look by investing in smart storage options under your bed.

Whether your space is large or small, who said you can’t have a glam bedroom without the luxury price tag?

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