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Colour Sums: Cool Pastels

Cool down your living space this summer and work pastels in a brand new way.


Pastels are a tried-and-tested look for summer; they amplify light, can create the illusion of more space and – crucially – remind us of ice cream shades. But we bet you've never thought about adding rich chocolate to your pastel scheme, or a touch of copper. We've taken a cue from Atkin & Thyme's room set, which features its Milligan Retro Five-Drawer Chest (above, £449) and have created a paint combo that's as delicious as a 99 Flake…

Why it works

Pastels are having a revival, but not as you know them. The modern way to use pastels at home is to throw in an unexpected colour or two – helping you to avoid a saccharine, nursery-like look. Adding a dark shade or an earthy neutral into the mix works wonders to bring depth and an edge to your spaces.

Get the look

Bring the pale and interesting look into your home by starting with a neutral backdrop of Cool White. Add elements of First Dawn and Party Surprise 4 either on walls, alcoves or other architectural features. Next, add Copper Blush to the mix, accessorising with copper objects or lighting to lift the palette from pretty to pretty cool.

Finally, add a touch of Rich Havana 1 on furniture, or paint small details such as skirting boards and drawer pulls to ground your palette. You could even have a go at creating a bespoke piece of furniture like Atkin &Thyme's Mulligan Retro chest yourself with our Made by me range.

Looking for more colour palette inspiration? Check out our colour sum for a bedroom with a citrus twist.

Need more help to recreate the look or trend in your own home? Contact our Dulux Design Service to find your nearest Dulux designer on 0333 222 7021 or visit www.duluxdesignservice.co.uk.

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