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Using Bright Living Room Colours

Go bold with our bright living room ideas. Bold living room colours pack a punch in the busiest room of the house, find out how and look on the bright side with Dulux.


Look on the bright side of life with bold and beautiful living room ideas.

After a busy day, your living room has the power to turn that frown upside down. Bright paint colours are the magic ingredients that provide an instant mood boost, by imbuing your space with a friendly, enlivening atmosphere. Just like your favourite clothes, choose shades that make you feel good and suit your unique personality. After all, the busiest room in your home deserves to be dressed in its happiest best too!

Here’s how to be bold, bright and beautiful in the living room.


Bewitching blooms


Step into a springtime feel with bright living room ideas in shades of coral and white. Invigorating, feminine and fresh, coral reminds us of blooming flowers and serene seabeds. It also adds a playful touch that’s perfect for socialising with family and friends. Splash a feature wall with Coral Flair to start your design.

Use bright white for fixtures, including shelves and wall cabinets, to provide both balance and striking contrast. To top it off, add pops of yellow, green and blue with accessories like artwork and cushions on neutral furniture. Tie your scheme together with a statement rug to match your dynamic feature wall.


Sunny days


Nothing says ‘happy’ quite like yellow. It’s a colour that stimulates your senses while producing a warming effect, just like the sun. To invite its lighthearted cheer into your living room, consider painting a feature wall in rich Honey Mustard around a window or glass doors that open onto the garden. Offset the shade with white for trim or nearby fixtures, and match it with a yellow sofa.

To double up on delicious shades, balance the look with Caramel Latte on an adjoining wall. It's a neutral that perfectly highlights bright living room colours. To accessorise, choose green accents that enhance the outdoorsy appeal. For a dash of sophistication, introduce black with pictures or ornaments. This is a scheme that looks brilliant with wooden furniture and floorboards.


Geometric delights


When you really want to make a statement with bold living room colours, look no further than geometric shapes. With a sense of movement and energy, they create a focal point that’s impossible to ignore, along with a constant source of fun. Colour blocking brings this design to life and you can choose a palette that’s as bright as you are.

Opt for a trendy, retro look by combining Spiced HoneyPen FriendActive Orange and Pink Prose within vibrant hexagons on a white backdrop. Harmonise the style with neutral furniture in soothing browns and pale wood. Then, pluck one or two bold shades from your feature wall for pops of colour throughout your accessories.


Organic orange


Warm, welcoming and earthy, orange in the living room radiates cosiness. It’s also associated with optimism, enthusiasm and creativity to lift your mood in a flash. From rustic tones to copper-infused hues and deep burnt orange, it’s easy to choose tones for bright living room ideas that suit you and your family.

For a style that’s simple, natural and as lovely as a sunset, highlight a wall with Copper Blush or Toasted Clay. Cool it down a little with white trim and pale greys for soft furnishings. Then, all that’s left to do is bring the outdoors in with plants and accessories made from natural materials.


Tantalising teal


Teal manages to evoke understated elegance while standing out from the crowd with a hint of glamour. A happy medium between blue and green, it represents balance and calm, yet feels rejuvenating and fresh at the same time. For these reasons, some might say it’s the perfect mood-enhancing colour!

Create a tranquil haven by painting a feature wall in bright Velvet Touch 4. The shade lends itself to airy, light filled rooms, so coat your other walls with cool white. Grey is an elegant choice for furniture with this colour palette and don’t forget to add a touch of glamour with a chandelier or candelabra.


Luscious lime


For bright paint colours that come with a zesty burst of energy, you can’t go past shades of green. The colour of renewal, prosperity, abundance and the great outdoors also imbues a space with harmony and tranquillity. Lime green is on-trend right now and the citrusy tone is guaranteed to liven up your living room.

To avoid overwhelm, paint a large fixture or half a wall in Celtic Moor 2. Use bright white for a backdrop that offers dazzling contrast, with statement pieces of furniture to match. Decorate with accessories in tonal colours and polish the design with accents of deep blue or purple.

Not quite ready to look on the bright side of life with bold living room colours yet? We’ve got just what you need for inspiration. Download the free Dulux Visualizer app before splashing any paint around. Using augmented reality, you'll take pictures or video of the hub of your home, tap your favourite shades and watch as they instantly brighten up your walls.

Then, turn those bright ideas into a living room you can’t wait to get home to.

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