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6 New Ways to Work Colour Blocking at Home

Reinvent the classic look with one of these inspired ideas.


Colour blocking is a blast from the past that’s rocking the interior design world right now. Here’s how bold paint colours can transform your home.

Geometric shapes and clashing neon colours characterised the 80s version of colour block items, on the catwalk, in the home and quite possibly in your own wardrobe. If the thought still makes you cringe, never fear, the style of today is chic, cheery and effortlessly cool. In fact, it’s anything you’d like it to be. The one thing that’s guaranteed, is that it has the power to make a serious impact in your home.


What does colour block mean?


Getting right back to basics, colour blocking is simply combining a variety of different colours in the one area. This creates a bold statement, but it also highlights special features of your home and instantly enlivens a bland space without the need for wall hangings. Anything can act as a canvas for block painting colours, including window recesses, trims, doors and furniture.

While it looks like the work of a professional and is often quite detailed, it’s certainly not as time-intensive or hard to achieve as you might think. All you need to do is choose your palette, then gather a tool kit including a tape measure, a spirit level and decorators’ low tack masking tape. That’s all you need to create those crisp, straight lines and the design that’s going to transform your space. Check out this video to learn all the tips and tricks for how to do it.


Block painting colours


Creating a colour block room gives you the chance to embrace your love of colour in a way that truly makes the most of it. Bright paint colours are in their element with this style and, once you’ve tried it, you might wonder how you ever lived without the enlivening energy. However, bold paint colours don’t have to clash or scream at you when you walk in the door. Contrast soft pastel hues, use thin stripes for just a dash of impact or try tonal colours for a soothing atmosphere.

Here are six new ways to make it work for you.


1. Softly does it


To enhance a room that requires peace and clarity with a dash of inspiration, contrast soft tones and use various geometric patterns to stimulate the mind. A great combination for an office or workspace, that’s both invigorating and soothing, is Mint Macaroon with Urban Obsession and Pure Brilliant White.


2. Square it up


For those rooms that are crying out for a dynamic facelift, opt for large colour blocking segments on a feature wall. This style looks fantastic as a backdrop for a sofa, a bed or a featured accessory, but it also stands alone like a superstar. Tone and contrast help each block come alive, with warm, dark colours appearing to leap forward and cool, pale shades receding back. Have a world of fun with Spring RoseLemon Pie, Fushia Lily and Tangerine Twist.


3. Work of art


Look away from the walls for a moment to see what else might benefit from an artistic colour block. Colour in unusual spaces, like window recesses, creates artwork out of the most common features of your home. Primary colours on a white backdrop are especially effective, so consider the vibrant shades of Rocket Fire and Bluebird Skies.


4. Well-toned


Would you believe that a colour block room could help you sink into serenity and focus? Tones and shades of a similar colour offer depth and harmony, creating the perfect environment for work or sleep. Blend tonal colours like Emerald GladeOvertly Olive and White Cotton for soothing results.


5. Vital ingredients


Playing around with shapes, different widths and angles of colour blocks offers depth and interest, just like spices provide colour, flavour and punch to your favourite recipes. Choose a deep neutral as a backdrop colour, like Narrow Lane and colour block with different shapes in Forest FestivalSpiced Honey and White Cotton.


6. Tonal shift


Do you have wardrobes, doors, heaters or anything else that could do with a vibrant makeover? Bold paint colours will shift them straight out of the old and into the new. For example, paint the focus item in striking Caribbean Dawn 1 and use graduating shades in the same colour family for the walls and surrounding accessories.


Block colour tryouts


Chances are you’ve got far too many bold paint colour choices running through your mind by now! Guess what? You can try each and every one of them, without wasting money on whole tins of paint in a moment of passion for the wrong ones. Pick up some Dulux paint tester pots from the hardware store or online. Paint pieces of A4 lining paper to your heart’s content, wait for them to dry and hang them on the walls to try out your ideas.

Before long you’ll be a block painting pro and, most likely, your house will be the coolest on the block.

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